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NFL Pre-Season Player Ranking Lists Are Biased

NFL Pre-Season Rankings Becoming an Irritant

Every year before the NFL season starts, the player ranking lists make their way to the public consciousness.

Glenn Gilliam, Host, What's The 411Sports, is not happy about the latest NFL player rankings. He's concerned that Russell Wilson, despite winning the Super Bowl last year, is being ranked too low.

He also feels Geno Smith, a rookie quarterback with the New York Jets, received no love even though he helped the New York Jets attain an 8-8 record with no real offensive help.

Chris Graham believes that Geno Smith has more room to grow this year with Michael Vick behind him. 

Give the young guns aka new jacks, the praise they so rightfully deserve.

On the other hand, What's The 411Sports reporter Gregory Alcala is a bit more cautious; he feels that we should wait to see what else the new jacks accomplish.

However, when asked would he start a new team with the new jacks or the old heads; Gregory said he would go with the newer players.

Who would be on your team, new players or the older guys?

VIDEO: Join in the conversation


Paul Pierce Leaving the Brooklyn Nets

In general, the What's The 411Sports team feels the Washington Wizards is a good move for Paul Pierce, but it hurts Glenn Gilliam's heart to see him go.

Chris Graham was absolutely ecstatic about Pierce's move to the Wizards.

Chris sees the Washington Wizards, a team with so many players under 30 years of age, in dire need of leadership. He believes Paul Pierce is a great fit to help mentor the younger players.

Chris acknowledges that Paul Pierce has played with the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets and most of all, he has championship rings.

"This was a great move for Paul," Glenn Gilliam said. "As sorry as I am to see him go, I wish he could have stayed. He gave us all excitement to go to the Barclays Center and see him play for the Brooklyn Nets. It's an unfortunate situation, but he had to make the right move for his career. This was perfect. The Wizards are a playoff caliber team; he could take them to another level."

Glenn Gilliam wondered why Paul Pierce didn't follow Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Gregory Alcala thinks Pierce would not have received the attention that he is looking for with the Clippers and there is better chemistry with the Wizards.

Could it be that Doc Rivers doesn't feel real stability with the Clippers given the Donald Sterling fiasco?

VIDEO: Join the Conversation about Paul Pierce Going to the Wizards.


Pat Riley Courting Lance Stephenson

Now that LeBron James is settled in Cleveland, it is reported that Pat Riley, Miami Heat, Team President, is checking out Lance Stephenson, another 2014 NBA free agent, to fill out the Miami Heat roster.

In general, the What's The 411Sports team feels Stephenson would be a good fit in Miami.

However, Glenn Gilliam would prefer that Stephenson come to New York because he is a passionate guy that plays with abandon.

VIDEO: Join the conversation about Pat Riley and Lance Stephenson


Which team do you think would be a good fit for Lance Stephenson?

NBA Hires Pamela El to be its Chief Marketing Officer

In this video, Glenn Gilliam reports that the NBA hired Pamela El to be its Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

Ms. El is responsible for the NBA's global marketing operation, directing brand development, overall marketing, and advertising for the NBA, WNBA, and NBA Development League.

Prior to the NBA, Pam served as Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, for Nationwide Insurance where she was responsible for driving financial services marketing strategies and break through executions. She has over 30 years of related marketing and communications experience including 15 years with world class advertising agencies.

Prior to Nationwide, Pam led the State Farm marketing organization for over a decade where she was responsible for marketing and sales strategy, brand management, and all media and sponsorships.

Pam holds a degree in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. She was named by Advertising Age as one of the Top Most Influential Marketers in 2012 and Top 50 Marketing Executives in 2010. Pam and her husband, Bill, are currently relocating from Columbus, Ohio to New York City.

Pamela El reports to Mark Tatum, Deputy Commissioner, National Basketball Association.

VIDEO: Pamela El the NBA's New Chief Marketing Officer

Indiana Men's Basketball Picks Up Nick Zeisloft

Nick Zeisloft Jumps from Illinois State and Lands at Indiana

Nick Zeisloft graduated from Illinois State in three years instead of the usual four years and decided to make a move to play basketball at Indiana.

"The addition of Nick allows us to spread and space the floor even more and play with more pace," Indiana coach Tom Crean said, according to a press release. "More importantly, we are adding a young man that has been raised well and has been well coached throughout his career. He brings a physical and mental toughness that has allowed him to play at a strong level and brings leadership and maturity to our program."

Zeisloft graduated from Illinois State with a degree in Finance and will be a graduate student at Indiana.

He will be eligible to play basketball for the Hoosiers for two years.

Zeisloft will be a player to watch.

VIDEO: Conversation about Nick Zeisloft


2014 NBA Off-season, Best Ever?

NBA Stars Making Moves

The Whats The 411Sports team is talking about the 2014 NBA Off-season, thus far.

Chris Graham wants to name this NBA off-season, as one of the greatest off-seasons ever!

Chris likes the breaking up of huge dynasties.

Mostly, Chris likes the talent disbursement; he thinks the stars are where they need to be.

Glenn Gilliam says, don't bet against the Miami Heat already.

With Chris Bosh still on the Miami Heat team and if Dwayne Wade gets healthy, Glenn thinks the Miami Heat could be a force to reckon with.

But, Greg Alcala feels the Heat will probably be like the Indiana Pacers, a team with lots of talent, but just can't win.

Your thoughts?

VIDEO: Join the conversation about the player moves during the 2014 NBA Off-season

LeBron James Returns to Cleveland Cavaliers

It's Cold in South Beach

LeBron James leaves the Miami Heat and goes back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron James signed a two-year contract and gave the Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, another chance.

Overall, the What's The 411Sports team likes LeBron James' latest move to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Greg Alcala has some trepidation.

What say you?

Is it a good move for LeBron James?

Is it a good move for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Join the conversation about LeBron James' return to Cleveland


2014 FIFA World Cup: Germany Takes it All

A look back at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

The 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP occupied television screens everywhere for weeks.

The German team won, beating Argentina one-nil in extra time.

What's The 411Sports reporter, Chris Graham, still can't forget the Brasil debacle, losing to German, 7-1.

The USA team defied the odds with great sportsmanship and determination.

Sadly, it wasn't enough. The good news, though, soccer has gained a slew of fans in the U.S.

Or, has it?

Greg Alcala says soccer is great, and he is a fan, but he likes basketball better.

VIDEO:  Join the conversation to talk about the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Knicks Waive Lamar Odom and Re-Sign Cole Aldrich

One Door Closes, Another Opens

The New York Knicks announced that it waived forward Lamar Odom and re-signed Cole Aldrich.

Overall, the What's The 411Sports team likes the New York Knicks' move to re-sign Cole Aldrich.

Aldrich, 6-11, 245-pounds, averaged 2.0 points and 2.8 rebounds in 46 games for the Knicks this past season after originally signing as a free agent on September 24, 2013. The four-year NBA professional is currently playing for New York's entry at the 2014 NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, NV.

However, What's The 411Sports reporter Glenn Gilliam is lamenting over Lamar Odom's release from the team.

Odom, 6-10, 221-pounds, was originally signed as a free agent on April 16, 2014.

How could Lamar Odom blow this opportunity to play in his hometown and for veteran coach Phil Jackson?

VIDEO: Conversation about Cole Aldrich and Lamar Odom


Chris Bosh Gets Great Deal From Miami Heat

Chris Bosh Takes the Money and Stays in Miami.

Chris Bosh, Miami Heat's power forward/center, is a clear beneficiary of LeBron James' departure from the Miami Heat.

With Lebron moving on to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a reported max offer to Bosh of $96 million over five years from the Houston Rockets, the Miami Heat decided to pony up and offer its next best player, Chris Bosh, a five-year $118 million contract.

What's a player to do with an offer like that? For Chris Bosh, the answer is obvious, he takes the money and stays in South Beach.

Is Chris Bosh worth $118 million?

The What's The 411Sports team of Chris Graham, Gregory Alcala, and Glenn Gilliam weigh in.

VIDEO: Join the conversation about Chris Bosh's New Deal with the Miami Heat

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