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San Antonio Spurs Win NBA Finals

The What's The 411Sports hosts and reporters Glenn Gilliam, Bianca Peart, Gregory Alcala, and Christopher Graham talk about the San Antonio Spurs victory over the Miami Heat.

They made predictions regarding who would win the NBA Finals.

Who made the right prediction? Was it Bianca? Glenn? Gregory or Christopher?

Check out the video to see which Whats The 411Sports reporter predicted the correct NBA Finals outcome.

New York Rangers Lose Stanley Cup Drive, But Still Winners

The National Hockey League season is over.

The New York Rangers tried to bring New York fans the Stanley Cup, but it just wasn't in the cards. In one of the more memorable stretches of playoff hockey, the Los Angeles Kings finally ended it in double overtime on Alec Martinez's Cup-clinching goal, beating the New York Rangers 3-2 in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals. This is the Kings second championship in three years.

The Rangers were able to avoid being swept on home ice with a 2-1 win in Game 4 at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night. But they couldn't stop a determined Kings squad in their own building.

What's The 411Sports hosts and reporters Glenn Gilliam, Bianca Peart, Gregory Alcala, and Christopher Graham discuss the outcome of the New York Rangers venture or adventure into the NHL Finals against the Los Angeles Kings.

Check out the video to see discussion about the New York Rangers

New York FC Soccer Club Adds Two Euro Players to its Roster

The New York FC Soccer Club signed two well-established Euro stars in Spanish striker David Villa and Chelsea mid-fielder Frank Lampard.

Will soccer ever steal headlines in New York City?

Will soccer ever become as popular in the U.S. as it is around the world?

Also is there an American that could have been drafted first?

Watch this video, as the What's The 411Sports team weighs in on soccer in NYC.


John Calipari Cashes in With New Compensation Package

University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Coach John Calipari has agreed to a 7-year deal worth $52.9 million.

Calipari's compensation breaks down to $7.55 million per year to remain the coach at Kentucky.

Is Calipari worth it?

The What's The 411Sports team weighs in, check out the video!


Jimmy Haslem Tells Johnny Manziel to Stop the Partying

JOHNNY MANZIEL is certainly making his presence felt in Cleveland since he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

First it's Browns owner Jimmy Haslem telling Johnny Football that "this isn't Hollywood," and "you're the backup." Next it was the uproar over a photo Manziel took while enjoying his Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas. Now the Browns have put Manziel behind Tyler Thigpen, making him the third string quarterback.

Is Manziel's treatment as an NFL rookie, fair or foul?

Check out this video as What's The 411Sports reporter Greg Alcala comes to Johnny Manziel's defense.


Will Hill in the What's The 411Sports Dog House

This week, What's the 411Sports host, Bianca Peart, puts former New York Giants safety Will Hill in the What's the 411Sports Dog House.

The Giants cut Hill after he violated the NFL'S drug policy for the third time.

What's the 411Sports host, Glenn Gilliam, came to Hill's defense until he heard more of Hill's background.

Do you think the New York Giants should have cut Will Hill?

Check out the video for discussion about former New York Giants safety Will Hill.

Richard Schaefer Leaves Golden Boy Promotions

The What's The 411 Sports team is discussing the changes at Golden Boy Promotions.

After 12 years of standing beside Oscar De La Hoya as the Chief Executive Officer of Golden Boy Promotions, Richard Schaefer called it quits.

What will Richard Schaefer's departure from Golden Boy Promotions mean for boxing?

Check out the video discussion about Richard Schaefer and Golden Boy Promotions.

What's The 411 TV Promo Reel

What's The 411 Celebrity Guest List

This What's The 411TV promo video is a slice of video interviews that were conducted by the "411" team for our flagship television show, What's The 411. The video consists of the following celebrated personalities:
Jamie Foxx
Denzel Washington
Kerry Washington
Halle Berry
Regina King
Mos Def
Alicia Keys

411TV Episode: Bill Cosby, NFL Draft, Diva Night in Harlem, Author Rodney Wilson, and SWV

NFL Football, Fashion, Independent Author, and Bill Cosby

Episode 3 of the weekly celebrity-driven entertainment and lifestyle television show, What's The 411, features interviews with fans and former football players at the NFL Draft 2012; Princess Jenkins, owner of the Brownstone, a fashion boutique in Harlem; the legendary Bill Cosby; independent author and publisher, Rodney Wilson; and a throwback interview with the '90s girl group, SWV.

What's The 411 reporter, Andrew Rosario, was on the scene at the NFL Draft 2012, mixing it up with fans and former players Willie Roaf and Wesley Walker. Roaf and Walker talk about the draft today versus when they entered the NFL 20 years prior. Walker also gives us an inside scoop as to how the NFL Scouting Combine got started.

Meanwhile What's The 411 reporter, Barbara Bullard, was uptown in Harlem talking with Princess Jenkins, owner of the fashion boutique, The Brownstone, about Diva Night.

Author and publisher, Rodney Wilson, talks about his book, Fingered for Murder, as well as the genesis of his publishing company.

At the annual Medgar Evers College Founders Gala, President William L. Pollard; faculty; administrators; and founders of the college speak about the importance of higher education. At the Medgar Evers College Founders Gala, comedian, actor, and philanthropist Bill Cosby speaks about the need for all of us to do a better job of shaping the minds of young people.

Check out the video below with scenes from the NFL Draft 2012; Bill Cosby; Diva Night with Princess Jenkins, owner of The Brownstone, a women's fashion boutique in Harlem; and a throwback interview with SWV.

411TV: Boxing, Mob Wives, Jason Kidd Press Conference, and Love and the Small Print

Check Out Love, Mob Wives and Boxing

This episode of What's The 411 features:

• Boxer Zab Judah (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• Boxer Bernard Hopkins (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• DJ Enuff (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• Jason Kidd Press Conference (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• Ramona Rizzo, Mob Wives (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
• Love Majewski, Mob Wives (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
• Penny Karagiogis, Celebrity Hairstylist (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
• Filmmakers Ramfis Myrthil and Adam Lawrence; Love and the Small Print (interviewed T.A. Moreland)
• Throwback Interview: 90s R&B Duo Terri & Monica (Interviewed by Amelia Moore)

This episode is hosted by Kizzy Cox and Crystal Henderson.

The script was written by Donna Leslie and Ramona Miles.

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