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Ruth J. Morrison

Ruth J. Morrison

UPDATE: David Griffin says adios a Nueva York

Close, but no cigar, David Griffin reportedly moving on from New York Knicks general manager consideration

It seems that David Griffin will not be taking the New York Knicks general manager position, after all, a source told Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated.

There appear to be at least two sticking points according to those close to the source.

Contract talks between David Griffin and the NY Knicks broke down because Griffin wants to bring in his own people.

Griffin also wants to be president just like Phil Jackson, who the Knicks fired on June 28, 2017.

Griffin, who was general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, believes being a leader on the management team that brought the Cavs its first NBA championship should count for something.

Not directly reporting to Jim Dolan and having to report to Steve Mills, who is rumored to be named New York Knicks President, was not an option.

Did the New York Knicks Select David Griffin?

NY Knicks haven’t made an official announcement, but Wikipedia summary box suggests Cavs former general manager David Griffin is Knicks new general manager

While preparing for the production of the next episode of What’s The 411Sports, I wanted to do more research on the Cleveland Cavaliers former general manager, David Griffin, who recently had a meeting with the New York Knicks. I discovered an entry on the Wikipedia summary box under David Griffin’s name, New York Knicks general manager.

I reached out to the New York Knicks, but I have not received a confirmation as of this writing.

A Huge Salute to Go on Girl Book Club

VIDEO: Shout out to Go on Girl Book Club, with more than 30 chapters across the U.S., Go on Girl Book Club supports African-American authors and literature

In this video, Troy Johnson, CEO, and Webmaster, AALBC.com, and Ruth Morrison, CEO, Executive Producer, What's The 411TV, give a shout out and salute to Go On Girl Book Club.

In existence for more than 25 years, Go on Girl Book Club has more than 30 book club chapters around the United States. With hundreds of members, Go on Girl Book Club hosts an award ceremony to uplift authors and celebrate African-American literature.

The organization also has a scholarship fund.

Do you have a book club that deserves a shout out? If so, hit us up in the comment section under this video on YouTube.

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Marcus Books in Oakland, California a Necessary Community Relic

VIDEO: Marcus Books, an independent bookstore in Oakland California, is a necessary community institution

After attending the Sacramento Black Book Fair in Sacramento, California, Troy Johnson, CEO, and Webmaster, AALBC.com, took a trip to Oakland, California to visit Marcus Booksan independent bookstore serving the African-American community in Oakland, California.

In this video, Troy talked about his visit to Marcus Books and why independent physical bookstores are important.


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