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Middle School Students Learn to Write Books They Can Sell

 Young woman writing on her computer Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels Young woman writing on her computer

Mentoring in Medicine creates an online platform that shows middle school students how to write, publish, and sell their books during summer vacation

What did you do for summer vacation?

Well, for eons, that has been the first question students get asked when they return to school in the fall. And, thanks to Mentoring in Medicine, a nonprofit organization that provides young people in urban areas with exposure to medical careers, this summer many middle and high school students (and even their parents) will learn how to write and sell their own books without leaving home.

In the WRITE YOUR BOOK ONLINE SUMMER CAMP, Mentoring in Medicine will show students various techniques to create books in a variety of styles, whether it’s an interview-based, Top Tips, visual, interactive, and more, and the book can be fiction or, nonfiction.

According to Andrew Morrison, Mentoring in Medicine’s chief operating officer, the program will attract students from around the world who are interested in pursuing health-related or science careers in the future. Even some parents plan to participate along with their children.

Think about the competitive edge you or your child will have as a published author when applying to college or your next job or, for speaking engagements.

For more information about the Write Your Book Online Summer Camp, check out the Mentor in Medicine website