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What's The 411Sports Episode 78: Julio Jones and Atlanta Falcons leading NFC South, Tebow Mania

Dak Prescott and Dallas Cowboys looking good in Tony Romo's absence; Giants, Jets, Brooklyn Nets, and Knicks all in the NY Sports Report

In this episode of What's The 411Sports, the panel of Keisha Wilson, Mike McDonald, and Vincent Davis, are talking about:

What's Poppin'!

  • Dak Prescott, Tony Romo, and the Dallas Cowboys
  • Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons
  • Chris Bosh vows to come back to the NBA
  • Tebow Mania reigns again
  • Ben Simmons out for several months
  • JJ Watt to miss the remainder of the NFL season
  • Josh Gordon to enter rehab for alcohol abuse

NY Sports Report

  • Is Odell Beckham a distraction to the team/
  • Is Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick's mediocrity the least of the Jets problems, particularly considering the health of Brandon Marshall and Jalin Marshall
  • Joakim Noah skips dinner at West Point

On The Bench

  • Randy Gregory
  • Nebraska Governor Pete Rickets
  • Hal Daub
  • Mets fans
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In The Doghouse: Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon

WATCH VIDEO: IN THE DOGHOUSE: Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon

Every week, What's The 411Sports puts a person or organization in the Dog House. This week, Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon get the honors.

NCAA Football is banning Levi Copelin, wide receiver, Missouri, from playing football for the entire 2014-15 season for using banned substances.

Cleveland Browns' wide receiver, Josh Gordon, is facing a suspension after failing a second drug test.

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