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Judge Dismisses Case Against Black Lives Matter

Judge Rules ‘Black Lives Matter’ itself is not an entity of any sort.” McKesson was “solely engaged in protected speech.”

U.S. District Judge Brian Jackson dismissed the lawsuit against DeRay McKesson and Black Lives Matter brought by a police officer who says he was hit by a rock at a rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on July 17, 2016.

In a 24-page ruling that states in part, “Although many entities have utilized the phrase ‘black lives matter’ in their titles or business designations, ‘Black Lives Matter’ itself is not an entity of any sort.”

Additionally, Judge Jackson further concluded that McKesson was “solely engaged in protected speech.”



Woman Speaks Out at Press Conference in Usher Herpes Saga

VIDEO: Attorney Lisa Bloom holds press conference in New York City standing by the side of brave female who accuses Usher of exposing her to herpes

Today, attorney Lisa Bloom held a press conference in New York City, to announce that her law firm would be filing a lawsuit against R&B singer, Usher Raymond IV, on behalf of her client, Quantasia Sharpton, and two other people.

At issue, according to Attorney Bloom, Usher allegedly had sexual contact with people without telling them that he was infected with herpes.

According to Ms. Sharpton, she came in contact with Usher after attending one of his concerts. Ms. Sharpton said she was wearing a crown for her birthday at the Usher concert and she and her friends were invited backstage. She gave her number to security and then back at the hotel she received a call from the She Got It Bad singer.

“We spoke for a while and then we engaged in sexual contact. He never warned me about any STDs, it was just after my 19th birthday,” Sharpton, 21, said during the press conference. “When I first heard he had herpes I couldn’t believe it...I would have never consented if I had known.”

After Ms. Sharpton gave her statement, Attorney Bloom said in part:

“By filing this lawsuit, we seek to ascertain the truth. We hope the reports are not true. We hope that Mr. Raymond is negative and that this can all be cleared up quickly. We hope that he has not knowingly endangered his sex partners, fans who revered him, and who were thrilled to receive his personal attention. In addition to the three plaintiffs in this lawsuit, several other individuals have contacted me with the same concerns. My Bloom firm team is in the process of reviewing their facts, evidence, and witnesses as we do in any case and as we have done for the three plaintiffs who are suing today. So more people may be added in the days to come. No one in America, not even a popular celebrity is above the law. And everyone, even ordinary people who find themselves swept away by a superstar has the legal right to be respected, which includes being warned about STDs so that each person can make a decision about her own health and her own body.”

The other two people represented by the Bloom Firm are a woman and a man, identified as Jane Doe and John Doe.

Check the video below to see the full Attorney Lisa Bloom press conference announcing a lawsuit against Usher Raymond.

Attorney Lisa Bloom Usher Herpes Press Conference

Jermaine Dupri Responds to Lawsuit Commenced by SunTrust Bank

Dupri Issues Answer and Counterclaim in Lawsuit Commenced by SunTrust Bank

Producer, writer, entrepreneur Jermaine Dupri has filed his Answer and Counterclaims in connection with the lawsuit commenced recently by SunTrust Bank, according to a press release issued by his publicist. The counterclaims allege that the bank breached its contract with him, converted his funds to their own use and fraudulently rewrote the terms of his loan without his knowledge among other claims. The bank's Complaint alleges that Dupri is indebted to it for approximately $1.9 Million dollars representing the outstanding balance on a larger loan made in 2009 for nearly $5 Million.

In Dupri's Answer and Counterclaims, he details his course of dealings with SunTrust and it's executives in connection with his loan and the modifications of that loan in 2010. Specifically, the original loan provided that SunTrust would allocate certain portions of the royalties which it was to receive from EMI Music Publishing in repayment of the loan to satisfy Dupri's Federal and State income taxes. SunTrust Bank did not make such payments which resulted in tax liabilities being assessed against Dupri.

The Counterclaim reveals that in order to cover up its mishandling of Dupri's funds, SunTrust Bank executives restructured the loan in December 2010, removing the provision requiring them to make the tax payments. In good faith, and relying upon the trust and established a relationship that had existed with SunTrust over many years, Dupri executed a new loan agreement and related documents which modified the original 2009 loan to his detriment. The loan was restructured from a variable to a fixed payment arrangement, with payments unilaterally determined by SunTrust which were not based on realistic projections of Dupri's income. Dupri states in his Counterclaim that he was not provided an opportunity to have his legal and financial representatives review the documents prior to signature and that when he left the SunTrust offices after signing the new agreements, he was not provided with a set of the closing papers.

In his Answer, Dupri clearly details how the misrepresentation and breach of duties by SunTrust resulted in a commercial loan which was not in default at the time of the December 2010 signing being converted to a loan with unachievable payment terms of which he was unaware. Due to the fact that the loan was restructured from a variable to a higher fixed payment arrangement, the loan went into default and SunTrust acted without attempting to resolve this matter and filed an action against him. As a result of SunTrust's actions, Dupri is currently addressing tax assessments levied by the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue and is forced to challenge SunTrust's attempt to foreclose on and seize his assets.

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