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RHOA Porsha Williams’ Relationship in Disarray; Hollywood Needs Help with Black Hair [Episode 144]

VIDEO DISCUSSION: The growing number of conservative abortion laws and why are men so quiet? The Beyhive stings Ms. Dionne Warwick

In Episode 144 of What's The 411 recorded on June 4, 2019, the hosts, award-winning journalist, Kizzy Cox, and comedian, Onika McLean, are talking about:

Abortion Rights and the Lack of Male participation

Where are the men who believe that women have the right to full agency over their bodies? Why are they so quiet?

Hollywood Needs Help in the Black Hair Department

The lack of black hairstylists in the entertainment industry has been an ongoing struggle for some of Hollywood’s biggest names gracing the big and small screen. Is it time for Hollywood’s non-Black hairstylists to learn how to style Black Hair? Viola Davis thinks so.

Dionne Warwick got entangled in the web of the Beyhive

Iconic songstress, Dionne Warwick, ran afoul of Beyonce’s most fervent fans, the Beyhive, because of a response she gave during an interview with Essence. The Beyhive thought Ms. Warwick was throwing shade at Beyonce when she stated the following when answering if Beyonce is an icon:

‘It’s wonderful to see how she’s been able to create what and who she wanted to be and who she is.’

‘Now, sustaining and becoming an icon that Gladys Knight, or Patti LaBelle, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr. is? I doubt that, I really do. I love her to death, and I can really appreciate her talent. But that status I just mentioned, those four names? [She has] a long road [ahead].’

Is it all a misunderstanding on the part of the Beyhive or, did Ms. Warwick really throw shade at Beyonce?

The Mother of XXXTentacion’s Child Wins Right to DNA Sample

A judge ruled that XXXTentacion’s girlfriend, Jenesis Sanchez, can obtain a sample of the deceased rapper’s DNA. X's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, was a proud grandmother at the time of X’s baby’s birth. However, later she attempted to block Ms. Sanchez from receiving the DNA sample. In the end, the judge sided with Ms. Sanchez and granted the petition.

Reports state Ms. Bernard isn’t too happy. Can you write this script?

Children’s Sharing Etiquette

Most of us grew up with lessons from our parents and teachers about sharing our toys, books, and other childhood possessions with our friends and classmates. However, some psychologists are turning that life lesson upside down, saying that it’s okay for children to not share their possessions.

Is this generation of psychologists going off the rails, or, were we brought up the wrong way?

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha

The Internet is all abuzz over what appears to be a breakup between Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, and her new beau, Dennis McKinley over what appears to be his cheating with another reality TV star, Sincerely Ward. 

It’s one thing to have a breakup in private, but a public breakup with someone who is the father of your newborn child, that’s rough. However, Porsha’s fans really got amped and seemingly have her back after learning that All About The Tea and Tasha K of Unwine with Tasha K seem to have receipts to prove that Dennis was cheating on Porsha while using her to climb the social ladder.

Stay tuned, after all, it’s reality TV.


Should Evelyn Lozada Have a Reality TV Show on OWN?

Is the Oprah Winfrey Network destroying its brand with Livin Lozada?


In this segment of What's The 411, the panel led by Beauty Expert Courtney Rashon, is discussing the fact that reality TV personality Evelyn Lozada now has a show on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Po Johnson More than A Reality Star, A NV Mover and Shaker

Check out the video interview with Po Johnson

NV Magazine has established its 15-year history as a "new vision" of business publication for urban professionals around the country. Whether scaling the ladder within corporate America or creating a successful venture from scratch, NV has chosen to not only acknowledge but honor, many of these ground-breakers with its annual Movers & Shakers Awards.

For the past five years, Founder, Kyle Donovan and Publisher, Christopher Chaney and their team have solicited recommendations for and researched their selections to identify honorees from the well-established, even famous, to the less celebrated but ascending innovators, executives and business "hustlers" within the multicultural community. This isn't for the sake of taking nice pictures and having a cocktail, NV's mission is to empower communities of color through the recognition of these trendsetters and inspire collective collaboration to generate wealth and long-term economic stability for the black and Latino market.

Singer, Po Johnson, of La La Anthony's Full Court Life reality show fame was one of the honorees. We started with Po's thoughts on the evening. Is it exciting, a surprise?

"It's a surprise," said Po with a combination of merriment and wonder. "When they called me to do the shoot with them I didn't realize what it was so once I realize that they thought I was awesome it made me feel really cool and then they were like, yeah we're going to have a little thing and this is way more than I thought it was going to be. Yeah, yeah this is all very surprising but I'm having a good time and very happy to be here."

Being a reality star veteran, is this event a big deal still for Po?

"It absolutely is, it's a blessing," she said. "We're like in our 5th season that's about to air, so that means that people like us and I get to work with my best friends and we still get to respect ourselves, respect our families and you know, set a good example for kids, so I'm proud to be a part of it."

What's coming up in terms of music, in terms of creative content? "

"Aw, thank you for asking me that," Po responded. "Well the show's about to air in March and then I just got a deal that I can't talk about now with a record label, so we're about to push my single project in a couple of months, I'm very excited and then I'm going to do UltraFest and you'll start seeing a lot more of me on not the independent realm but I actually got a name for myself now, so I'm happy yeah."

Po you're blowing up but I have to ask, who are you wearing?

Ooh, um, this is all SKINGRAFT actually, yeah, yeah, yeah, SKINGRAFT, he's huge, I love him...naw he's really dope and I like his stuff yeah."

Reality TV Star Love Majewski Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

VIDEO: Mob Wives reality TV star Love Majewski attends Shopping Night Out to support Beating Cancer in Heels

Speaking to What's The 411 correspondent Barbara Bullard, Love Majewski explained the back story that is of interest to many people. Ms. Majewski came to fame through I Married a Mobster, a docu-drama based on her life. I Married a Mobster was a cathartic experience for Ms. Majewski because it helped to reveal her toxic lifestyle.

"More than anything, it was very healing, to let out the things that I hadn't been able to say in the past... purging myself of all the negativity," Ms. Majewski said about I Married a Mobster.

The reason for sharing her story is for young women. Ms. Majewski advises young women to give another look at the normal guy.

Ms. Majewski recently created her own cosmetic company, Veritas Cosmetics, and now knows that she can stand on her own. She no longer sees men as a crutch and wants young women to know they can do anything on their own.

Shopping Night Out was conceived by Nikkia McClain, Founder and CEO, Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relations.

Shopping Night Out benefits Beating Cancer in Heels, a non-profit organization created by Marlena Ortiz, a 28-year-old breast cancer survivor.

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