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Ruth J. Morrison

Ruth J. Morrison

Dennis McKinley Denies Cheating. Will Porsha Williams Take Him Back? | What's The 411 | Couples

Porsha Williams, one of the stars of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, has her hands full.

Porsha just gave birth to a baby girl and she finds out that her boyfriend and father of her child, Dennis McKinley, may have been cheating on her with some unsavory characters.

Many people who are following the Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley saga are wondering if Porsha is done with Dennis for good or will she take Dennis back for the sake of their daughter. calls McKinley a “clout chaser” who is using Williams “to promote his new streaming business”.

According to Tasha K of Unwine with Tasha K: “Dennis McKinley is allegedly a coke head. [He] is allegedly a get-rich-quick scheme artist. [He] is allegedly into animal porn. [He] is allegedly a compulsive liar and woman beater — because he beat his ex, Shanise Thomason, several times.”

Do you think Porsha will take Dennis back or is she done for good?

Is it okay for children to not share their toys?

A dad in a children’s park told his kid not to share his toy with another child, and of course, the mother of the other child was miffed.

According to some psychologists, the father was right to tell his child not to share because children shouldn’t be forced to share.

Many of us have grown up with our parents insisting that we share our toys, books, and sometimes clothing with our siblings, relatives, and friends.

Now, with this new thinking that children should be able to determine on their own when they want to share or, not share, some of us are left perplexed.

What is this world coming to?

Dionne Warwick Gets a Taste of the Beyhive After Beyonce Comment

Don't Call Me Auntie! Diva of Comedy Says After Beyhive Comes for Dionne Warwick’s Edges

Recently, the legendary Dionne Warwick had an interview with Essence and because Ms. Warwick did not bow down to Beyonce with her response to a question regarding Beyonce’s “iconic” status, the Beyhive came for her edges. Ms. Warwick stated the following:

‘It’s wonderful to see how she’s been able to create what and who she wanted to be and who she is.’

‘Now, sustaining and becoming an icon that Gladys Knight, or Patti LaBelle, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr. is? I doubt that I really do. I love her to death, and I can really appreciate her talent. But that status I just mentioned, those four names? [She has] a long road [ahead].’

Was Ms. Warwick’s response a diss toward Beyonce?

Make sure you watch Onika’s response over the Auntie Twitter comment!

The Struggle for Hairstylists Competent in Styling Black Hair is Real

VIDEO DISCUSSION: The Hollywood Black Hairstyling Dilemma

The lack of black hairstylists and those competent in styling black hair in Hollywood has been an ongoing struggle for some of Hollywood’s biggest names gracing the big and small screen.

Actress Viola Davis recently told Ebony magazine: “That has not been my narrative lately of hair because I refuse it. I reject it … I don’t think that people understand our hair … they don’t understand that we’re different, and yet, the same. What I find is, hair is something that a lot of people don’t honor when you do film.”

In rejecting the notion of not having a competent hairstylist on set, Academy Award-winning actress, Viola Davis, says she refuses to work with hairstylists who can’t do black hair.

Black hairstylists are competent in doing all types of hair, so why can’t other hairstylists be as competent?

Is it too much to ask that non-Black hairstylists be competent in styling black hair?

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