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DJ Prince Hakim is Working His Way to Inherit the Throne with Royalty [VIDEO]

DJ Prince Hakim working the turntables Photo courtesy of DJ Prince Hakim DJ Prince Hakim working the turntables

VIDEO DISCUSSION: DJ Prince Hakim releases Royalty featuring R&B/pop singer Walt Anderson

What's The 411 co-hosts, award-winning journalist, Kizzy Cox, and comedian Onika McLean are chopping it up with DJ Prince Hakim, son of Robert “Kool” Bell, the founder of the legendary Kool and the Gang, about his new record, Royalty.

During the interview, DJ Prince Hakim takes us on his career journey from DJing to producing and back to DJing and producing.

He shares with us why he produced Royalty and his previous record, Mannequin Girl.

DJ Prince Hakim also shares with us why the Bonnaroo music festival is his all-time favorite DJ gig.

The infectious upbeat single, Royalty, will be featured on DJ Prince Hakim’s upcoming EP, Healing Love, set to be released in November.