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NFL Pre-Season Player Ranking Lists Are Biased

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson talking with the media Photo Credit: Alexis Williams/What's The 411 Networks Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson talking with the media

NFL Pre-Season Rankings Becoming an Irritant

Every year before the NFL season starts, the player ranking lists make their way to the public consciousness.

Glenn Gilliam, Host, What's The 411Sports, is not happy about the latest NFL player rankings. He's concerned that Russell Wilson, despite winning the Super Bowl last year, is being ranked too low.

He also feels Geno Smith, a rookie quarterback with the New York Jets, received no love even though he helped the New York Jets attain an 8-8 record with no real offensive help.

Chris Graham believes that Geno Smith has more room to grow this year with Michael Vick behind him. 

Give the young guns aka new jacks, the praise they so rightfully deserve.

On the other hand, What's The 411Sports reporter Gregory Alcala is a bit more cautious; he feels that we should wait to see what else the new jacks accomplish.

However, when asked would he start a new team with the new jacks or the old heads; Gregory said he would go with the newer players.

Who would be on your team, new players or the older guys?

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