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James Wright's Viral Video Gives Patti Pie Sales a Huge Boost

YouTube sensation, James Wright, holding a Patti Pie Photo Credit: James Wright YouTube sensation, James Wright, holding a Patti Pie

VIDEO: James Wright's funny and raucous video sends throngs of shoppers in search of Patti Pie

R&B diva Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pies have been sold exclusively at Walmart for weeks but this past weekend they were flying off the shelves after a video from Patti LaBelle fan James Wright Chanel went mega-viral!

The video snagged nearly 7 million online views because of its funny and raucous review of the pie.

After just one bite Chanel, who is also a singer, began singing a Patti song and said "I turned into Patti after eating this" and he continued eating and singing Patti songs in-between bites of pie.

If you want to snag a pie, you better call Walmart central because the sweet potato pie is sold out in Walmart stores across the country. Walmart is moving pies from low demand areas to those where the sweet potato pies are in high demand.

So what's Patti LaBelle's response?

LaBelle tweeted some love to Chanel. She later called the singer to say she loved him and to thank him for the Patti Pie review.

Now I want some Patti Pie!