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Apple Pay is Coming to Walgreens Soon

Apple iPhone 6 Photo Credit: Apple Apple iPhone 6

If you are waiting with bated breath to use Apple Pay, your wait is almost over.

According to MacRumors, an internal memo addressed to Walgreens employees preparing them for the upcoming launch of Apple Pay suggests that Apple's new payments service might be going live on Saturday, October 18.

Saturday does seem strange for a launch event, but since it is a shopping app, perhaps a Saturday makes sense.

In part, the internal memo reads: "In preparation for the launch of Apple Pay on October 18, we would like you to cover the following material," the memo states. "Walgreens will be one of the participating retailers and we want to make sure that all your team members are prepared..."

Screen-shot Walgreens-Planning-for-October-18-Apple-Pay-Launch MacRumors-com resized

UPDATE: However, although signs pointed to Saturday, October 18 for an Apple Pay launch at Walgreens, Saturday seemed a bit strange to us. So after the Columbus Day holiday, we found a store manager at a Walgreens in Long Island, NY who clarified the date of the Apple Pay launch. As it turns out, Saturday, October 18 will be the start of a live test run before the actual launch on Monday, October 20. Unfortunately for the folks that shop at the Walgreens-owned DUANEreade in New York City, we didn't get a definitive answer regarding whether you could use Apple Pay at DUANEreade on October 20.

Walgreens isn't the only retailer on the Apple Pay roll-out. Other merchants on the mobile payments system rollout schedule include: Macy's, McDonald's, Bloomingdale's, Disney Store, Walt Disney World Resort, Sephora, Staples, Subway, and Whole Foods Market. Stay tuned for rollout dates.

Now, tell us, hoopla aside, do you plan to use Apple Pay when it becomes available?


Last modified onTuesday, 14 October 2014 15:12