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Reality TV Recap: WAGS, a New Show on the Horizon

Group photo of the WAGS reality TV personalities Photo Credit: E! Group photo of the WAGS reality TV personalities

A new E! Reality TV show puts spotlight on Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars (WAGS)

The What's The 411 panel of hosts Glenn Gilliam and Kizzy Cox, and beauty correspondent Courtney Rashon, are listening attentively as What's The 411 correspondent and comedienne, Onika McLean, informs the team of an upcoming reality TV show. However, they are unprepared for what follows next.

All we need is more and more reality TV! There's a new show in town and it's called, WAGS! Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars.

Someone needs to come up with a tutorial about how to snag a professional sports player because I listen to some of these women talk, and they are not the brightest of the bunch. It's obvious they spend tons of time in the gym and not enough time at the library.

"I'm saying...I need some help; I'm going to the supermarket, I've got on heels and red lipstick and I'm going to need some help. So, I'm thinking a show; a show idea, Evelyn Lozada's School of Making it Clap!," Onika exclaims.

"Stop playing games, Onika," says Kizzy. "No school of making it clap."

"That's a valuable tool," Onika replies. "Ask men; married men. Glenn."

Glenn responds, "Yes; when we return, we'll be telling you what's in the pipeline and shutting this down. Keep it, where you got it."

WAGS premieres on E! on August 18, 2015 at 10P|9C2015WAGS premieres on E! on August 18, 2015 at 10P|9C.