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411TV: Boxing, Mob Wives, Jason Kidd Press Conference, and Love and the Small Print

Check Out Love, Mob Wives and Boxing

This episode of What's The 411 features:

• Boxer Zab Judah (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• Boxer Bernard Hopkins (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• DJ Enuff (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• Jason Kidd Press Conference (Interviewed by Andrew Rosario)
• Ramona Rizzo, Mob Wives (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
• Love Majewski, Mob Wives (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
• Penny Karagiogis, Celebrity Hairstylist (Interviewed by Barbara Bullard)
• Filmmakers Ramfis Myrthil and Adam Lawrence; Love and the Small Print (interviewed T.A. Moreland)
• Throwback Interview: 90s R&B Duo Terri & Monica (Interviewed by Amelia Moore)

This episode is hosted by Kizzy Cox and Crystal Henderson.

The script was written by Donna Leslie and Ramona Miles.