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What's The 411 Episode 76: David Bowie's Last Will and Testament, Terrell "T-Rex" Simon, Mariah Carey Engaged

Barbie enters the world of diversity and inclusion. Photo Credit: Mattel Barbie enters the world of diversity and inclusion.


VIDEO: Plus, Barbie is Every Woman, Tyra Banks and Photographer Boyfriend Eric Asla welcome a new baby; and Aretha Franklin enters the pie war

In this episode of What's The 411, hosts Essence Semaj, Onika McLean, and Courtney Rashon are talking with our featured guest, vocal powerhouse, Terrell "T-Rex" Simon. They are also doing a quick take on rocker David Bowie's last will and testament, the new Barbie doll, the passing of actor Abe Vigoda, upcoming events, Aretha Franklin entering the dessert product line at Walmart, and more.