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Caribbean Next Top Model Contestant Forced to Straighten Her Hair [VIDEO]

Caribbean Next Top Model contestant, Gabriella Bernard Photo Credit: Marlon James Caribbean Next Top Model contestant, Gabriella Bernard

VIDEO Discussion: A Caribbean Next Top Model contestant wants an apology from Wendy Fitzwilliam

Gabriella Bernard, a Trinidadian contestant on Caribbean's Next Top Model, found herself in a cultural dilemma when she was asked to chemically straighten her hair for a model makeover.

Ms. Bernard protested the need to chemically straighten her hair, but nonetheless, she relented to the demands of the CNTM producer, Wendy Fitzwilliam, whose position was straighten the hair or leave the show.

Ms. Bernard said she decided to straighten her hair because she felt she had come so far and if she had stopped at that point, she would never know what the outcome would have been for her on the show.

As it turned out, Ms. Bernard did not become the Caribbean Next Top Model. However, her natural hair is back and she did get to produce a documentary about her natural hair journey. She also wants an apology from the Caribbean Next Top Model producer, Wendy Fitzwilliam.

Do you think Gabriella Bernard deserves an apology?

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