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Maxwell is Brand Ambassador for HUE for Every Man

Maxwell is the new brand ambassador for Hue for Every Man Photo courtesy of Columbia Records Maxwell is the new brand ambassador for Hue for Every Man

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Three-time Grammy Award-winner MAXWELL is the Brand Ambassador of HUE For Every Man

The founders of HUE, Jessica Estrada, and Kyle Frazier selected three-time Grammy Award-winning singer, Maxwell, to represent HUE, as the company's brand ambassador.

HUE chose to partner with Maxwell not only to represent their brand but also as a partner in the company because he embodies all of the qualities and values the brand stands for: successful, fashionable, well-groomed, traditional and most importantly philanthropic.

As our world is changing and cultures are blending to form the voice of a new generation, HUE begins a new revolution for a truly innovative 21st-century approach to men’s hair and skin care.

We all know that women do most of the shopping for the men in their lives and the way women respond to Maxwell, this should be a match made in heaven.