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Geode-Inspired Lips Yay or Nay?

Geode-Inspired Lips a beauty trend that is flying under the radar

A New York City-based makeup artist Johannah Adams is known for her stunningly artistic lip creations on Instagram, posted her latest creation, geode-inspired lips. Cue up the photo. When we saw this photo on Instagram, it had over 16.4 thousand likes. According to BuzzFeed, the look is created using a combination of "heavy glitter, a color base, and a thick clear gloss." You can find more on Johannah Adams Instagram page.

We'd like to hear your thoughts on Johannah Adams' geode-inspired lip creations. Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram at WhatsThe411TV.

Courtney Rashon

Courtney-Rashon 400x400 website-bio-pageCelebrity makeup artist Courtney Rashon is synonymous with all things creative. Known for her ability to transform the ordinary into something breathtaking, her abilities always exceed the expectations. Not only does she possess the skills needed for everyday glamour makeup, she also is a special effects artist as well.

Her career in makeup began while employed in the fashion industry as an assistant. Realizing her love for cosmetics, she began to explore the possibilities of becoming a makeup artist. Providing makeup and men's grooming for Ecko Unlimited Company ads is where she got her first break.

She attended Cosmetology school in New York and received her certifications in Fashion/ Glamour, Character Sciences and Special Effects makeups.

Shortly afterwards, she began working with a variety of artists, directors, industry personalities and tastemakers, delivering makeup looks for music videos and special events. In 2010, Courtney Rashon Industries, LLC was born. Her company consists of a full-service beauty entity that provides glamour/beauty and visual effects makeup application, men's grooming, imaging and mentoring for aspiring makeup artists.

Since the birth of her company, she has produced makeup for artists such as Timbaland, Sebastian and Petey Pablo, reality television personalities, Natalie Nunn, of the Bad Girls Club, Exotic from For the Love of Ray J and director Paul Coy Allen of R&B Divas, just to name a few. Also, she has been the key makeup artist for commercials, short films and the social movement documentary From Fatherless to Fatherhood which aired on OWN and Aspire networks. She has also given demonstrations at Robert Fiance Beauty Schools on specialty makeup subjects including bridal makeup and television and film makeup applications.

As a writer for three online publications, she displays her versatility by writing about an assortment of beauty topics specific for each type of consumer. At Labels, where she is the beauty editor, she discusses high-end merchandise and alluring products for consumers that indulge in luxury and opulence. Her column at Shive is a forum that reviews cosmetics and glamour tips as it relates to the hip-hop culture. On, she covers cosmetic products for the everyday customer. Her articles are informative and entertaining while keeping you in the loop on the latest runway beauty trends, topics, new products, makeup tutorials and what's current for each season in the world of cosmetics. She is also an honoree of the NV Magazine Movers&Shakers Award for 2015 celebrating urban professionals and entrepreneurs.

Currently, she is penning an instructional beauty book on how to achieve your best looks for every occasion. The publication is due to be released in early 2016 published by Cosby Media Productions and a developing #prettygirlgangcosmetics, which is a petite cosmetic line. Also, she is a co-host on the weekly entertainment and lifestyle television show, What's The 411, as well as a contributing writer for

For more information: Rashon
Twitter: Courtney Rashon
Instagram: Courtney_Rashon
Facebook: Courtney Rashon

Decisions, Decisions: Should Women Wear Makeup?

The choice to wear makeup or not to wear makeup is a very individual decision, and should not be based on any external reference except the woman's personal preference.

Women wear makeup (or don't wear makeup) for many different reasons. Some women choose to wear makeup every day, and some wear makeup only on special occasions. It's her choice.

The key point is that whether women choose to wear a lot or a little, whether a woman enjoys the process of applying makeup or doesn't enjoy it at all – as long as women know that their value is not tied to the perfect application of her cosmetics, then it's all good.

Are Make-up and Cosmetics Necessary to Enhance Beauty and Confidence?

The creativity, fun, and power in wearing makeup are positive factors for boosting a woman's confidence. Equally true is being able to go out sans makeup and still feel beautiful is a confidence booster.

At the end of the day, to wear makeup or not to wear makeup is simply your choice.

What are your thoughts?

What's So Special About Being Beautiful?

True Beauty Requires a Sense of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

We know intrinsically that beauty is deeper than physical appearance. We understand collectively that beauty has more to do with who we are as people than what we look like on the outside. We know this because most of us have encountered that man or woman who was aesthetically appealing but as soon as they spoke out loud, they didn't seem so attractive anymore.

Entertainment icons have tried to assist us in understanding beauty as more than just the exterior. Think Christina Aguilera, "Beautiful," Beyonce "God Made You Beautiful," One Direction "What Makes You Beautiful" (the list can go on).

The other side of the music and entertainment industries, however, has done an impressive job at convincing us that beauty is in fact, all about the exterior, and has managed to drown out the positive, inspirational songs and figures who are trying to tell us otherwise.

Men and women, boys and girls, young and old have all been influenced by these conflicting messages about beauty - the inner versus outer beauty. What is this pull that beauty has on us? Why do we strive to attain this abstract thing called beauty? In essence, what's so special about being beautiful?

Anthropologists tell us based on their research and studies, that beautiful people are associated with adjectives such as smarter, friendlier, better personalities, confident, more sociable, and they are awarded greater privileges in the workplace – higher pay, more promotions, etc.

In her book "Awakening Beauty" Susan West Kurz writes "The reason beauty draws us near is because it arises from love, which is itself the most nourishing and desired force in [this] life."

She continues, "Beauty is the consequence of love, and therefore announces the presence of love, which we are ultimately drawn to."

Those are all very compelling reasons why many would be attracted to the quest for beauty – we want the privileges associated with being beautiful and we also want the love associated with being beautiful as well.

But if Kurz is correct that beauty announces the presence of love, could it also be true that beauty requires a level of love that must circulate in our inner selves first? Before it can be seen on the outside?

No, this article isn't an attempt at psychotherapeutic, positive thinking, look in the mirror and tell yourself you're beautiful kind of advice. What this article is suggesting is that if we are to truly understand what beauty is then we must understand what beauty requires. And true beauty – according to sociologists, pop stars, entertainers, psychotherapists, theologians, and Oprah – requires a level of self-love and self-acceptance.

It is hard to love yourself if you don't feel beautiful or if you have been told by others that you are not. Words do hurt. But it is important to do the things you need to do to address those issues of lack of self-love. Speak to a trusted confidant about your issues, eat healthy foods to improve your appearance, eliminate unhealthy foods that scientifically do impact your thoughts and emotions, maybe changing your wardrobe might be required, and yes look in the mirror and speak well of yourself. All of these things are essential to filling the tank of self-love in you and achieving the true beauty that is inherently yours.

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