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Dennis McKinley Denies Cheating. Will Porsha Williams Take Him Back? | What's The 411 | Couples

Porsha Williams, one of the stars of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, has her hands full.

Porsha just gave birth to a baby girl and she finds out that her boyfriend and father of her child, Dennis McKinley, may have been cheating on her with some unsavory characters.

Many people who are following the Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley saga are wondering if Porsha is done with Dennis for good or will she take Dennis back for the sake of their daughter. calls McKinley a “clout chaser” who is using Williams “to promote his new streaming business”.

According to Tasha K of Unwine with Tasha K: “Dennis McKinley is allegedly a coke head. [He] is allegedly a get-rich-quick scheme artist. [He] is allegedly into animal porn. [He] is allegedly a compulsive liar and woman beater — because he beat his ex, Shanise Thomason, several times.”

Do you think Porsha will take Dennis back or is she done for good?

RHOA Porsha Williams’ Relationship in Disarray; Hollywood Needs Help with Black Hair [Episode 144]

VIDEO DISCUSSION: The growing number of conservative abortion laws and why are men so quiet? The Beyhive stings Ms. Dionne Warwick

In Episode 144 of What's The 411 recorded on June 4, 2019, the hosts, award-winning journalist, Kizzy Cox, and comedian, Onika McLean, are talking about:

Abortion Rights and the Lack of Male participation

Where are the men who believe that women have the right to full agency over their bodies? Why are they so quiet?

Hollywood Needs Help in the Black Hair Department

The lack of black hairstylists in the entertainment industry has been an ongoing struggle for some of Hollywood’s biggest names gracing the big and small screen. Is it time for Hollywood’s non-Black hairstylists to learn how to style Black Hair? Viola Davis thinks so.

Dionne Warwick got entangled in the web of the Beyhive

Iconic songstress, Dionne Warwick, ran afoul of Beyonce’s most fervent fans, the Beyhive, because of a response she gave during an interview with Essence. The Beyhive thought Ms. Warwick was throwing shade at Beyonce when she stated the following when answering if Beyonce is an icon:

‘It’s wonderful to see how she’s been able to create what and who she wanted to be and who she is.’

‘Now, sustaining and becoming an icon that Gladys Knight, or Patti LaBelle, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr. is? I doubt that, I really do. I love her to death, and I can really appreciate her talent. But that status I just mentioned, those four names? [She has] a long road [ahead].’

Is it all a misunderstanding on the part of the Beyhive or, did Ms. Warwick really throw shade at Beyonce?

The Mother of XXXTentacion’s Child Wins Right to DNA Sample

A judge ruled that XXXTentacion’s girlfriend, Jenesis Sanchez, can obtain a sample of the deceased rapper’s DNA. X's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, was a proud grandmother at the time of X’s baby’s birth. However, later she attempted to block Ms. Sanchez from receiving the DNA sample. In the end, the judge sided with Ms. Sanchez and granted the petition.

Reports state Ms. Bernard isn’t too happy. Can you write this script?

Children’s Sharing Etiquette

Most of us grew up with lessons from our parents and teachers about sharing our toys, books, and other childhood possessions with our friends and classmates. However, some psychologists are turning that life lesson upside down, saying that it’s okay for children to not share their possessions.

Is this generation of psychologists going off the rails, or, were we brought up the wrong way?

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha

The Internet is all abuzz over what appears to be a breakup between Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Williams, and her new beau, Dennis McKinley over what appears to be his cheating with another reality TV star, Sincerely Ward. 

It’s one thing to have a breakup in private, but a public breakup with someone who is the father of your newborn child, that’s rough. However, Porsha’s fans really got amped and seemingly have her back after learning that All About The Tea and Tasha K of Unwine with Tasha K seem to have receipts to prove that Dennis was cheating on Porsha while using her to climb the social ladder.

Stay tuned, after all, it’s reality TV.


Abortion Debate in Alabama, Georgetown Reparations Vote, and More [What’s The 411 Quick Takes]

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Alabama legislators seeking very stringent abortion law; will Cynthia Bailey return to RHOA, and; Tatyana Ali expecting baby No. 2

Will Cynthia Bailey return to the Atlanta Housewives? Tatyana Ali just announced on Instagram that she is pregnant. This will be the actress' second child with husband, Dr. Vaughn Rasberry. Georgetown University students voted overwhelmingly in favor of $27 fee for slavery reparations to create a fund benefiting descendants of the 272 slaves sold to pay off the Georgetown Jesuits' debt. If Alabama state Rep. Terri Collins has her way, getting an abortion two weeks after conception could, in theory, be a capital offense, and punishable by the death penalty. 

Phaedra Parks Fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta [NEWS]

Did Phaedra Parks Get A Raw Deal With Firing From RHOA?

By now, the news that Phaedra Parks was officially fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, for violating a morals clause.

Whether you like Phaedra Parks or hate her, many have lots of questions about her firing from the RHOA on Bravo TV:

  • Is Phaedra Parks really fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta or is this just drama for a set-up for something else?
  • Was Andy Cohen in on this rumor?
  • Are these so-called reality shows fake like wrestling and we the viewers are being taken in by all the drama?

NeNe Leakes Leaves Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes Moving on to New Television Show, To Tell The Truth

In this segment of What's The 411, the panel led by correspondent, Onika McLean, is having a spirited discussion about NeNe Leakes' career. The reality TV star is leaving the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta to join the remake of the game show, To Tell The Truth, starring Anthony Anderson along with actress Betty White. 

Book Launch for Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas’ New Book

VIDEO: CARRY-ON BAGGAGE: OUR NON-STOP FLIGHT depicts the life of Real Housewives of Atlanta reality TV stars Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas

What's The 411TV correspondents Bianca Peart and Cristina Twitty both attended the book launch for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality stars, Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas.

The couple wrote a relationship memoir, CARRY-ON BAGGAGE: OUR NON-STOP FLIGHT.

Cynthia, who came up with the title, explained that because of their schedules, it took a little longer to write the book than they originally thought it would.

The title, CARRY-ON BAGGAGE: OUR NON-STOP FLIGHT, is symbolic of how the reality TV stars met. Since they met later in life, they each had separate lives and everything that comes with it. They had their own stuff, their own baggage, their own houses, cars, and kids and they had to figure out how they were going to combine everything.

How did they enjoy writing a book together?

"We enjoyed it because we didn't have to sit down and do it at the same time," said Peter. "She did her part, I did my part..."

"The best part of it was actually when we swapped and she read my part and I read her part [and] to see that we came to the same destination, we just took completely different routes to get there" Peter added.

Part 2: Why Did Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas Write CARRY-ON BAGGAGE

What's The 411TV correspondent Cristina Twitty starts this segment of her interview with Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas asking if the book, CARRY-ON BAGGAGE: OUR NON-STOP FLIGHT, was written because people were getting the wrong perception of them because of how they are portrayed on the reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

"I definitely think that our relationship is very misunderstood because of how we are portrayed on the show sometimes," Cynthia said.

"On the show you will always only get snippets of our life, you will never get the full story and the book was just an amazing way to tell our story and give you guys the backstory, how we even met in the first place, how we even ended up on the show," Cynthia continued.

Once viewers and fans read the book, CARRY-ON BAGGAGE: OUR NON-STOP FLIGHT, will they get a better sense of Cynthia and Peter are as individuals and as a couple?

"Yes.., we were in charge of editing and so, therefore they are getting a true sense of who Peter and Cynthia is," Peter stated. "That was the purpose from day one to express what we could and what we weren't in control of expressing on television."

"We kept it really honest, we were 100 percent real. I felt like when I went back and read some of this stuff, I said I think we kept this a little too honest and too real," Cynthia added.

How long Have Cynthia Bailey Thomas and Peter Thomas Known Each Other?

"We've known each other going on six years now and we've been married for a little over three years," Peter replied.

So what's the secret to a successful marriage?

"Oh, this is easy for me," Cynthia asserted. "The secret to a successful marriage is marrying someone that you have a lot of things in common with that actually get along with that you like. If you guys are not compatible, if you don't like the same or even want the same things in a life or marriage, it ain't gonna work, that's the first thing. Sometimes people marry for the wrong reasons. First and foremost, you have to want the same things that your partner wants or, it just really, in my opinion, has no shot of working."

How did Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey Thomas meet in the first place?

Peter was taken by Cynthia when he first saw her at a car dealership. Cynthia, who was from New York City, was in Atlanta to execute a lease on a Range Rover. Since Cynthia was in town for only 48 hours, he felt like he had to go into overdrive, as he only had 48 hours to close the deal.

Obviously, Peter closed the deal.

However, how did Cynthia feel about Peter? Watch the video for the answer.

Do Cynthia and Peter have any upcoming projects?

"Oh, we're loaded, fully loaded," said Peter.

"I have a doll that just came out, the Cynthia Bailey Doll, you go on to She's beautiful. She has an afro, really just representing and empowering young girls. My school, the Bailey Agency School of Fashion is doing amazing, I've got so many things, I'm getting my health together...," Cynthia added in practically one breath.

"Well I'm opening a new bar in Charlotte in around six weeks, Charlotte, North Carolina," Peter continued. "I'm going to spread that brand all over the East coast then I'm going to DC after that and then here New York, my city. I've got Peter's Brewed coffee coming out in four weeks, we're doing our thing; we're working hard to make sure we're never broke again."

Watch the video and pay close attention to the body language, and let us know despite everything they are saying, does this looks like a marriage that will go the distance.

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