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Are Ming Lee and Swae Lee a Couple in the Making? [What's The 411 | Relationships]

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Will Marliesia Ortiz, who got into on social media with Aoki Lee, Ming's little sister, eventually be the odd woman out?

Keisha: So we're going to move from bridezillas and familyzillas and we're going to talk about hip hop royalty. Microphone check one, two. I don’t know why I said that.

Kizzy: You are on today. Bring it home, Keisha, bring it home.

Keisha: I’m just going to reel it back in. We're going to talk about Russell Simmons and Kimora Simmons, child, children, Ming Lee, who appears to be dating rapper Swae Lee, which has set off his on-again, off-again, girlfriend Marliesia Ortiz to the point that Ming’s little sister, Aoki Lee, came through with the clap backs on social media letting people know Marliesia, in particular, that she does not want to tangle with her or her mother. Oh yes.

Onika: The mother’s getting involved too? Come on.

Keisha: I mean she can, she can jump in.

Kizzy: Yeah, she can.

Onika: I don’t think I’d jump in, I’d just let the sisters handle it, those girls got it.

Kizzy: Yeah, I think it's kind of, yeah, whatever. Um, I don't know. I don't know. I mean I think when you grow up rich and famous as they have, you will find yourself in these types of situations. I mean, even though I haven't …

Onika: They all gotta like to mess with each other. The pool is small. Yeah, because there’s a bunch of broke dudes.

Kizzy: And, you don't, you don't need that. You don't because they just might want to be with you because they want to get put on, they want your money. They want to be around that.

Onika: People in this circle have money.

Kizzy: That's what I'm saying. So you don't, again, you only have a few people that you can actually date and so it would make sense if she's in a circle and Swae Lee is there. We know their eyes meet, their hearts touch, there they go.

Onika: Their last names are Lee, right? That’s a bunch of Lees, right? Bruce Lee, I don't know.

Keisha: Do you think that because Ming comes from hip-hop royalty, legendary, her dad is Russell Simmons. Her uncle is Reverend Run of Run DMC. Do you think that dating someone like Swae Lee is above her status (meant below her status)? Why would she want to date someone like Swae Lee that has this history of volatile…?

Onika: Because he’s cute?

Kizzy: Did you or did you see that Bobby Brown documentary where he talked about his life, or it might've been, no, it was New Edition. Back in the day, Bobby Brown, you know, was the bad boy. Janet Jackson was the good girl and they had a thing going on. And when…I remember when, I remember when I watched it, I was like, wow, what, Bobby Brown got Janet Jackson! It was crazy. But that's the thing like you come from, you’re supposed to be a good girl. You got Reverend Run as your uncle or whatever. You’re supposed to be like this good girl, but you got this little edgy guy and there's, there's a pull there. So, I'm not surprised. I don't think it's really, beneath her. I just think caught up…

Onika: And, Russell Simmons was a hood dude, so she probably likes hood dudes. You know what I mean? Now, he's all yogi. But he wasn't always like that.

Kizzy: Yeah, Vegan. I don't think it's surprising. I don't think it's surprising at all. And hopefully she, they're not gonna start throwing hands ‘cause that would be like a mess. Please don't do that.

Onika: Nobody throwing hands.

Keisha: Well, Ming (Aoki) is about to go to Harvard. So soon she'll have her head in the books, hopefully in and not a dropout after the first…

Onika: Look how we’re smiling, we’re like, Onika don’t say it. Onika, don’t say it. I'm not.

Keisha: Well, they say, good girls like bad boys.

Onika: Why do good girls like bad guys? Okay.

Irresistible Me Singer, Cindy Rainne, Says Never Give Up on Your Dreams | What’s The 411 MUSIC

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Cindy Rainne, the Irresistible Me singer, Shares Her Blueprint for Getting Unstuck and Going After Your Dreams

 If you are an aspiring singer, or a singer stuck in a rut, then you do want to watch What’s The 411TV’s interview with singer-songwriter Cindy Rainne.

At What’s The 411TV, we’re not aspiring singers, but the things that were getting in the way of Cindy Rainne being her best self happens to all of us at some point in our lives. How Cindy dealt with those issues to get her on the road to be her best self can be a lesson for all of us.

What’s The 411’s hosts, award-winning journalist, Kizzy Cox, and comedian Onika McLean, are hanging on to every word as Cindy Rainne shares her journey. She talks about her life experiences including some of her experiences during her painfully complex childhood and how she changed her outlook on relationships with men.

Cindy demonstrates her resourceful when she details how she raised money to get her album/EP produced by a well-known producer in London, a feat no one thought she could pull off. If you don’t know by now, in the music industry and in life, the right relationships matter.

You can catch Cindy Rainne's next performance on Monday, June 17, 2019, at the Groove in New York City, and she will be traveling to perform in Switzerland this summer.

Follow Cindy @CindyRainne on Instagram and Facebook.

Check out Cindy Rainne's music video, Irresistible Me.


Also, have a listen to Cindy’s latest release, The Mask:

Cindy Rainne is truly an inspiration to anyone with a dream.

And, if you like being inspired, be sure to watch What's The 411's interview with FATi, the new Queen of AfroPop

We can definitely see these two ladies performing together in the future.

Cheap Sex: A New Book Says Women Are Playing Themselves

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Mark Regnerus, controversial author of Cheap Sex, says women are sabotaging their chances for marriage by making sex so low cost

Thanks to cheap sex, marriage may be doomed, according to a new book, Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy, by sociologist Mark Regnerus.

He says that men are in the driver’s seat that as long as sex is so low-cost for men, heterosexual women will have increasing difficulties finding a partner worth committing to.

Do you think men are turning away from marriage because they’re able to have their sexual needs met without it?

Tell us what do think in the comment section under our video on YouTube.

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Situationships: A New Web Series About Millennial Romance

VIDEO: Situationships: producers discuss their dramedy about dating, romance, and relationships in the millennial era

Cylla Senii, Situationships, Creator, Executive Producer, and Director; and Brandon Brathwaite, producer of Situationships, sat down with What's The 411 hosts Essence Semaj and Onika McLean to talk about their web series, Situationships, a smart and sexy dramedy, which features dating and relationships among millennials.

You can watch the web series as it unfolds on YouTube. We're betting that you will be hooked on the series, too, and we'll all be able to watch the show on a TV network soon.

Situationships Creator and Producer Discuss Series' Concept and Characters

VIDEO: Situationships: a smart and sexy dramedy exposing the twists and turns of millennial dating or lack thereof

Cylla Senii, Situationships, Creator, Executive Producer, and Director; and Brandon Brathwaite, producer of Situationships, sat down with What's The 411 hosts Essence Semaj and Onika McLean to talk about their web series, Situationships, a smart and sexy dramedy, which features dating and relationships among millennials. In this conversation, they talk about the concept behind Situationships and its various characters.

Tonya Rapley is the Millennial Money Coach

Tonya Rapley gets real on money, debt, credit, savings, investments, school loans, and relationships


In this video, What's The 411 host Kizzy Cox gets the "411" on personal finance from Tonya Rapley "The Millennial Money Coach".

Tonya gives insight into personal finance management including savings and investing for those with entry level salaries; credit score management; how to handle school loans when you don't make a lot of money, and more.

The Number One Relationship Killer and How to Avoid It

Tools for Sustainable Relationships

Great relationships are the spice of life! Friendships, romantic partnerships, family, co-workers, even acquaintances – this is where joy, love, and laughter is found. Whether seasonal or permanent, relationships are where memories are made, and where life is shared.

There is one thing though, which is actually the number one thing, that can destroy these wonderful relationships, and that is resentment.

Resentment happens when anger accumulates steadily in the heart. It's what happens when someone in a relationship with us does or says something that stirs up feelings of hurt and anger. The anger is never communicated or dealt with so it stays stored inside the heart. If the person's actions continue to prompt these feelings, and it is left unexpressed, the anger builds inside until it becomes full-blown resentment. At the slightest offense, the resentment is triggered and forced to come out.

In relationships, people do and say things to us that cause us hurt and anger. Sometimes they do it purposefully, other times (most of the time) their actions are unintentional.

If you are in a relationship with someone and you regard their relationship as important and valuable to you, when they do things that hurt you, it is important that you keep your anger from growing into resentment.

The key to doing this is to address the behavior immediately and in the moment.

Addressing the behavior simply means to communicate to the person how their words or actions make you feel using the words "I feel" instead of "You did."

For example, "I felt really disappointed when you did that" or "I feel judged /criticized when you say that," instead of "You always do this."

Addressing the behavior can also mean asking questions to clarify the person's intentions.

This can look like, "Am I misinterpreting your words, what do you mean when you say...?"

Office-Communication 600x600

Speaking in "I" and "feel" terms puts the focus on you instead of on the other person, making the person less likely to feel defensive. Also, asking questions to clarify the person's motives protects you from making assumptions and jumping to conclusions about their behavior.

The point is to not allow the feelings to sit and fester inside of you; you want to address the offense as quickly as you can. After two weeks or two months has passed, you might feel silly bringing up something that happened a long time ago. And you may feel even sillier if the person doesn't remember their offense. But even if a long time has passed, it is still important to communicate to the other person so you can release the pent up anger from your heart. Practice speaking in the moment as much as you can.

On the other hand, if you are a person already deep in resentment, and have missed the opportunity to address the other person in the moment, and you believe you might feel silly bringing up something that has happened so far in the past, the best way to release your anger and resentment is to forgive. That's right. Forgiving the person for all the pain they have caused you is the key to freeing your heart. And that's all I will say on that.

One thing I didn't mention is the importance of believing your feelings are valid. Many people suffer from feeling that if something bothers them, it is not worth bringing up because "the offense was so small, it shouldn't be a big deal" or "I don't know why I'm making a big fuss about this." Or worse, some people assume that their words won't make a difference and the person's behavior will remain the same.

Believing either of these things diminishes a person emotionally. The truth is, if someone's behavior upsets you, it upsets you. There's no need to understand why, it simply does. Secondly, don't reduce your power by thinking that your communication won't make a difference. If you feel angered by a person's behavior toward you and you want that behavior to change, accept your feelings and believe that they are valid. Then address those feelings and behaviors in the moment.

So to recap, the way to avoid anger from developing into resentment and potentially destroying a wonderful relationship is to: 1) Trust your feelings and believe that they are valid; 2) Communicate in the moment with "I" and "feel" statements; and 3) Watch as a tense moment dissolves and turns into a connected moment.

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