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Ruth J. Morrison

Ruth J. Morrison

Is Diddy Trying to Save Face Now That Cassie is Engaged?

Diddy meets up with 21-year-old Lori Harvey, and her parents, Marjorie and Steve Harvey

As you know, Cassie used to date Diddy. She finally got tired of his non-committal behavior, and now is engaged to marry Alex Fine and they have a baby on the way.

Many observers acknowledge that Diddy was blind-sided by Cassie and Alex's announcement.

Perhaps, not to be outdone, recently, Diddy was spotted having dinner in Italy with 21-year-old Lori Harvey, and her parents, Marjorie and Steve Harvey.

Now, almost everyone has been abuzz about Diddy having dinner with Lori and her parents including dating and/or proposal rumors.

Did Wendy Williams Really Know Kevin Hunter Was Leading a Double Life?

Some fans of Wendy Williams want her to forget about Kevin Hunter and move on, others say it's okay for her to be friends

WENDY WILLIAMS' fans are upset that the talk show host wants to remain friends with her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter. One fan stated on The Shade Room’s Instagram post:

‘Forgiveness & love are two powerful things. She needs to focus on a friendship w herself first. It’s too soon, she clearly still loves him n is hurting, that’s no surprise & it’s OK! But she needs to work on self-love now, heal & only then can she truly forgive. I (have) been there Wendy. I tried to forget n called it forgiving.’

Q. Wendy also mentioned on the “Radio Andy” show on Sirius/XM that she knew for years that her husband had a double life with his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson. What do you make of this latest revelation and do you think she should remain friends with Kevin Hunter?

Officials Say Jeffrey Epstein Case Will Move Forward

Jeffrey Epstein's death ruled a suicide, but many are skeptical

The last time we talked about Jeffrey Epstein, he was denied bail and was sent to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in NYC, which is a federal correctional facility. He attempted suicide, was put on suicide watch, was released from suicide watch, a short period later, he’s dead, no one in the facility could tell exactly how it happened, US Attorney General William Barr is steaming, and then finally, the NYC Medical Examiner ruled his death a suicide with broken bones in his throat.

QUICK TAKES: Jay Z, Will Smith, Cardi B, Bernie Sanders, Victor Cruz, and More | Ep. 148

How will the Tekashi69 abduction case end? La La Anthony is in the news again, and guys are here for it! Is the U.S. stock market sending a message?


Former NFL football standout, Victor Cruz, recently expressed his love and appreciation for Karrueche Tran on social media, stating: “I’m a grown-ass man and still get butterflies every time I think about my lady. This love thing has no age bracket.”


While many people are focused on Jay Z becoming a partner with the NFL, he and Will Smith were among the companies that were part of a $25 million investment round for an Airbnb-like app called Hipcamp. According to the founders of the company, the app is designed for an inclusive community that values the environment, preservation, and the great outdoors.


Recently, the attorney for one of the defendants in the Tekashi69 kidnapping case dropped a bombshell! If you recall in July 2018, the rapper who also goes by the name of 6ix9ine was reportedly abducted, forced into a car, assaulted, and robbed of hundreds of thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry. But Deveraux Cannick, the lawyer of the man accused of the crime, Anthony "Harv" Ellison, said not so fast, as he told reporters that he intends to argue that the incident was staged. Keep an eye out on this case.


It seems like you can always tell when La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony are on the outs because girlfriend is setting those “thirst traps!”


Grammy Award-winning rapper, Cardi B, is no stranger to voicing her concerns about government and politics, and her support of US Senator Bernie Sanders for US President. Cardi recently spoke with the senator in a Detroit nail salon about issues surrounding policing, student debt, and wages.


The U.S. stock market has been acting a little jittery recently in reaction to impending recessions around the world and to Donald Trump’s erratic imposition of tariffs on China, the effects the tariffs are having on US farmers and Americans as a whole.


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