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Robinson Cano Still An All Star

Robinson Cano Receiving Award from Latino Sports Photo Credit: Alexis Williams/What's The 411 Networks Robinson Cano Receiving Award from Latino Sports

Robinson Cano, former New York Yankees and now second baseman for the Seattle Mariners, still has what it takes to be an All Star.

He was voted to his fifth Major League Baseball All Star Game.

The Seattle Mariners are also poised to make a playoff appearance this season, in part because of Cano's tremendous contributions.

As a Yankees fan, you can't talk about Robinson Cano without talking about his contract negotiations with the New York Yankees.

Many New York Yankees fans wish the Yankees and Cano could have had a meeting of the minds that would have allowed Cano to stay a member of the Yankees.

Greg Alcala says that Cano's desire for a 10-year contract was borne out of him wanting to retire with the Yankees.

However, Greg wishes that Cano and the Yankees could have agreed on five years and then renegotiated for the next five years.

If you are a New York Yankees fan, how do feel about Robinson Cano being with the Seattle Mariners?

Do you think it is a possibility for Cano to come back and retire from the New York Yankees?

VIDEO: Join the Conversation About Robinson Cano!