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Robbie Cano Now Sailorman, Off to the Mariners

Seattle Mariners Welcome Robinson Cano Image: Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners Welcome Robinson Cano

In the world we live in today, mostly known for our undivided attention to material things, it is very difficult to humble oneself when approaching a product and simply disciplining yourself in knowing that you cannot afford it. As shocking as it may seem, the New York Yankees found themselves in this position referring to 2B Robinson Cano, the latest Yankee to depart from the organization this winter in free agency.

Cano is trading in his pinstripes to become a sailorman, agreeing to a 10-year $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners on December 6th, 2013. I guess it's safe to say that Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports, who represent Cano are doing their job. "Show Me What You Got", by Jay-Z is fitting here isn't it? Cano initially was seeking a $300 million contract over the span of 5+ years, (good luck with that) and due to his inability to attract any suitors for that lifetime salary, those numbers have decreased. Take 2: Cano reduced his original asking price of $300 million to $252 million for 9-years, numbers the Yankees did not find beneficial for their own development. The Yankees resided more along the lines of a 7-year deal worth $160 million, and with both sides failing to see eye-to-eye, someone else decided to net the big fish.

From Cano's perspective, is it possible that his decision to join the Mariners was out of spite, since the Yankees decided to use their dinero on the likes of 2B Kelly Johnson, OF Jacoby Ellsbury, C Brian MCcann and OF Carlos Beltran, four deals that have accumulated to $286 million. While a Cano deal would have garnered a very lucrative purse, his potential deal has resulted in netting four players that have filled some of the voids that the Yankees needed to close. Did the Yankees just lose out on the overall best player in baseball? Did they lose the future face of the franchise after the inevitable departure of Yankee icon SS Derek Jeter? We cannot see the future, but we can review the past. Cano is a career .309 hitter. A 2009 World Series Champion, 5-time MLB All-Star, 5-time Silver Slugger and a 2-time Rawlings gold award recipient. It's an impressive resume the Dominican Republic native has completed so far and definitely one the Yankees will miss beginning March 22nd, 2014. Last season Cano batted .314, belting 27 homeruns, as well as, bringing home 107 RBI's. You cannot replace that production but you have to start somewhere and likely candidates have revolved around the names of INF Omar Infante, or maybe trading for Cincinnati Reds 2B Brandon Phillips, two respectable bats. It does not matter who the Yankees bring in to aid the infield moving forward from this loss.

There's only one Cano and with that being said, perhaps, it's time to say R.I.P. to the Bronx Bombers.