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Paul Pierce Leaving the Brooklyn Nets

Paul Pierce talking withe media What's The 411 Networks Paul Pierce talking withe media

In general, the What's The 411Sports team feels the Washington Wizards is a good move for Paul Pierce, but it hurts Glenn Gilliam's heart to see him go.

Chris Graham was absolutely ecstatic about Pierce's move to the Wizards.

Chris sees the Washington Wizards, a team with so many players under 30 years of age, in dire need of leadership. He believes Paul Pierce is a great fit to help mentor the younger players.

Chris acknowledges that Paul Pierce has played with the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets and most of all, he has championship rings.

"This was a great move for Paul," Glenn Gilliam said. "As sorry as I am to see him go, I wish he could have stayed. He gave us all excitement to go to the Barclays Center and see him play for the Brooklyn Nets. It's an unfortunate situation, but he had to make the right move for his career. This was perfect. The Wizards are a playoff caliber team; he could take them to another level."

Glenn Gilliam wondered why Paul Pierce didn't follow Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Gregory Alcala thinks Pierce would not have received the attention that he is looking for with the Clippers and there is better chemistry with the Wizards.

Could it be that Doc Rivers doesn't feel real stability with the Clippers given the Donald Sterling fiasco?

VIDEO: Join the Conversation about Paul Pierce Going to the Wizards.