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Percy Harvin Talks Injury and Preparing for Super Bowl

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS wide receiver PERCY HARVIN at Super Bowl 2014 Media Day Photo Credit: Alexis Williams/What's The 411 Networks SEATTLE SEAHAWKS wide receiver PERCY HARVIN at Super Bowl 2014 Media Day

What's The 411Sports correspondent Andrew Rosario caught up with Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin at Super bowl Media Day 2014.

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PERCY HARVIN: By not being able to play and finally getting over all my hip things and I'm feeling good, playing in the game with no restrictions and then to go down with a head injury, man, I couldn't, I was just saying to myself, why me? How did this happen? So it was definitely a crazy feeling for me, as we caught that pick, man, my heart dropped.

ANDREW ROSARIO: So now you're at the big game do you change anything preparing for the game physically, mentally, or is it all gang busters?

PERCY HARVIN: Nothing at all; that's been our big goal for the last two weeks from the first message coach gave us, keep everything the exact same. Prepare the way we prepare so we definitely put in a lot of our game plan. When I was home we got busy we got a lot done so our game plan is in just tweaking a little a little bit of things we're ready to go.

ANDREW ROSARIO: There's not one guy on your team that has Super Bowl experience. Is that something you talk about at all? Have you called anybody that has played in this game to get an idea what you're up against?

PERCY HARVIN: We actually haven't. I think that's what giving us that edge right now. Nobody else won the Super Bowl on this team, and we're all very, very hungry right now. We got to have it; it has to come back to Seattle. We all have that mindset right now. The look in those guys' eyes, we got to have it.

ANDREW ROSARIO: Does the Legion of Boom work from the offensive standpoint, as well, or is that strictly defense?

PERCY HARVIN: That's strictly a defensive thing, that's their world.

ANDREW ROSARIO: How would you describe your offense then?

PERCY HARVIN: We will be explosive. We definitely will be explosive. It would be good to join the guys Doug, Kearse, Big Beast Mode and led by the man in charge No. 3 so we're definitely going to be explosive and we are looking to make new plays in this game.