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A Fight Over Kim Kardashian: Savvy Businesswoman or Puppet?

Kim Kardashian on the Cover of British GQ Photo Credit: Tom Munro/British GQ Kim Kardashian on the Cover of British GQ

In this segment, What's The 411 host, Glenn Gilliam, stated that British GQ named Kim Kardashian Woman of the Year and then all hell broke loose on the What's The 411 set. What follows is a very spirited conversation about Kim Kardashian's prowess as a businesswoman.

Do you agree with Glenn that Kim Kardashian is a savvy businesswoman? Or, are you in the camp with Kizzy, Jacinda, and Rita that Kim Kardashian is not a businesswoman, she just has a very good team telling her what to do?

Watch the fight over Kim Kardashian in the video below and join in the conversation.

You may need to turn down your speakers because the volume does get a little loud at times.