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Chrissy Monroe: Life After Love & Hip Hop New York

Chrissy Monroe, formerly with Love & Hip Hop New York, now hanging out with the Come Back Kings Chrissy Monroe, formerly with Love & Hip Hop New York, now hanging out with the Come Back Kings

Reality TV star turned actress, Chrissy Monroe, moved on from Love & Hip Hop New York and now having the time of her life on the Come Back Kings

Looking for a spot on reality TV?

One thing is clear, Chrissy Monroe's hook up on Love & Hip Hop New York, demonstrates relationships matter!

Chrissy Monroe, originally from Baltimore, got her role on Love & Hip Hop New York because a friend referred her to someone connected to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta who connected her with Love & Hip Hop New York. Chrissy showed up to the audition blinged out and three hours later, she had the part.

If you watched the show, you know a lot of facts about Chrissy's life came out on the show. As she says, there was no shame in her game. Yes, she was involved with Chink Santana, a married man, whom she was with before the show.

And, yes, the show was an accurate portrayal of her extra-marital affair.

The reality TV star turned actress is no longer involved with Chink Santana and she says their relationship would have ended show or no show. She walked away because Chinks wasn't going to leave his wife and thus, their relationship was going nowhere.

Overall, Chrissy Monroe's experience with Love and Hip Hop New York was a positive one; a great experience, the right situation at the time. The show allowed her to promote the charities that she's involved with such as: Cat Walk and Yorkie 911 Rescue.

She is still in contact with her Love & Hip Hop New York castmates: Jhonni Blaze, Cyn Santana, Precious Paris, Cisco Rosado, Richie D, and others.

Would Chrissy come back to reality TV? Yes, if the show revolved around her life.

Any advice for aspiring reality TV cast members?

Chrissy says just know what you are getting into. Guard what you want to keep private, and know that the producers will go to tremendous depths to get info for ratings. Lots of scenarios are exaggerated and producers can only use what you feed them.

Chrissy's most uncomfortable moment on Love and Hip Hop NY was meeting her ex-boyfriend's father who was terminally ill.

Does Chrissy have any regrets?


But on second thought, "some of my wigs...I looked twisted," she said laughing about her appearance with the wigs. "Why didn't somebody tell me?"

So what is Chrissy doing now that she is no longer on Love & Hip Hop New York?

She is having the time of her life working on the Come Back Kings, a comedy on UPN 9 starring Ed Lover, Black Robb, Mr. Cheeks, Treach; Talent, Jermaine Hopkins and more.

Chrissy Monroe is also a spokesmodel for Pretty Girl Gang Cosmetics.

If you want to connect with Chrissy, she is very active on social media; Instagram is her home @chrissymonroe.