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Facebook, Jay-Z, Diddy, Mary J. Blige, Black Panther, March for Our Lives | Ep. 123

Facebook has come under fire from the business community and some politicians for allowing access to users’ information without informed consent

This episode of What’s The 411 consists of QUICK TAKES of topical news and discussions about British supermodel Naomi Campbell, Mary J. Blige, Amber Rose, 21 Savage, Alicia Keys, and Black Panther becoming the highest domestic-grossing superhero film of all time.

Journalist, Kizzy Cox, and comedian Onika McLean had fuller discussions about:

  • Facebook coming under fire from the business community and some politicians for allowing companies to gain access to its subscribers’ personal data without informing their subscribers about how their data will be used, not allowing subscribers to opt-out and confirming that the data was used properly.
  • Diddy and Jay-Z starting an uproar with the announcement of their collaboration to develop a “Buy Black App”.
  • The proliferation of “No Manspreading” advertisements on subways and buses in New York City and elsewhere. The new regulation has sparked a debate on social media.
  • The student-organized March for Our Lives march in Washington, DC, which featured younger than high school aged students Yolanda Renee King, the grand-daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and 11-year-old Naomi Wadler who had everyone talking in the days following the march.
  • Business moguls P-Diddy and Jay-Z teaming up to develop a "Buy Black" app

Photo of the Week:

Our Photo of the Week is a photo of a man taking “manspreading” to an exaggerated level.

Motivational Quote of the Week:

Our Quote of the Week comes from the award-winning actress, Angela Bassett:

“Old enough to know better. Young enough not to care. Experienced enough to do it right.”

Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment Allegations Exposes Hollywood

Eminem drops freestyle diss of Donald Trump and crickets from Trump; 50 Cent Claps back at Wendy Williams; Tyrese’s legal battle with ex-wife and; more


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and quite frankly, every day should be Breast Cancer Awareness Day especially for Black women. So don’t ignore any irregularities with your breast and make sure that you or any woman you know gets her baseline mammogram at age 35 and every year after your 40th birthday, no excuses. In NYC, there are health facilities that provide free and low-cost mammograms, so no excuses!

By now, we all should have seen the movie, Hidden Figures, where Taraji P. Henson played the role of mathematician Katherine G. Johnson, also known as the human computer. As you know, Ms. Johnson did the mathematical calculations that helped the U.S. beat Russia into space. Well, the $30 million, 40,000-square-foot Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility named in her honor finally opened!

Shonda Rhimes is among the 2017 Television Academy Hall of Fame inductees.

FOX orders five additional episodes of STAR for the current Season 2, and TV ONE’S BOBBI KRISTINA premiered #1 in its time slot among African-American households.

Aisha Hinds and Rockmond Dunbar join Angela Bassett in Ryan Murphy’s Fox Series 9-1-1; LHHATL’S Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera land a spinoff reality show, MEET THE FLOCKAS; Peter Gunz and his wife, Amina Buddafly are taking their relationship issues to MARRIAGE BOOTCAMP REALITY STARS and; Jordan Peele surprised a UCLA class inspired by Get Out. The class is taught by celebrated author and educator, Tananarive Due.

In not so good news, NeNe Leakes was fired from the XSCAPE REUNION TOUR over a rape joke she stated while on stage. Nene later apologized for the joke and after a few days said she ‘had a real breakdown’ after rape joke backlash.

And, the bad news keeps pouring in for Megyn Kelly. Unfortunately, celebrity publicists are bailing on NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today, so the show is having difficulty getting high-profile guests. Also, Megyn Kelly Today is not a good lead-in for Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford’s show as it is dragging down the ratings of that show.


Harvey Weinstein and Rape Culture In America

After journalist Ronan Farrow’s 8,000 word story, in which, 13 women made detailed allegations against film executive, Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual abuse against women ran in the New Yorker, all hell broke loose. Women who were abused by Weinstein now feel emboldened to speak up and a number of men are ducking for cover.

Are you surprised that Harvey Weinstein is getting the Bill Cosby treatment?


Hip-hop rapper, Eminem, slammed Donald Trump with his freestyle rap at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Although Eminem received widespread praise, everyone is not happy. Rapper YG feels like chopped liver because he and Nipsey Hussle released F--k Donald Trump in 2016, to some praise, but not nearly as much as the amount of praise that Eminem is receiving. YG posted his displeasure on social and then deleted it.

Judge Says Tyrese Gibson’s Daughter Can Testify

It’s been reported that since singer Tyrese Gibson remarried, he and his former wife and mother of his child, Norma Gibson, have been in an ongoing feud. According to, a judge has given Tyrese’s ex-wife, the option of calling their 10-year-old daughter Shayla to the stand if she chooses.

Is this a good strategy for Norma Gibson to call her 10-year-old daughter to testify in court?

50 Cent Claps Back at Wendy Williams

Talk show host, Wendy Williams, is used to people clapping back at her, but none like 50 Cents' hurtful barbs.

Fifty announced a party to celebrate the end of his court-ordered child support payments.

Wendy responded to 50-Cent’s announcement saying, “You’re 42. You got a 21-year-old son. Get your life.”

Fifty was not happy and he posted on Instagram what many perceived to be very hurtful responses to Wendy Williams.

Wendy’s fans seem to think 50 Cents went too far? Agree?


Our Motivational Quote of the Week is:

“When a black voice is raised in protest to oppression, those who are comfortable with our oppression are the first to criticize us for daring to speak out against it.” – Harry Belafonte


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Movie Review: London Has Fallen

The world is shocked by the unexpected death of the British Prime Minister. The leaders of the Western World including U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) immediately make plans to attend the funeral in London. The Secret Service navigates through what is security nightmare: multiple nations mapping out plans to keep their leaders safe while in England. Lynne Jacobs (Angela Bassett), the Director of the United States Secret Service, even tries to keep the President from attending. But due to the longstanding bond between the two nations, the chief executive feels he has no choice.

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) head of the Secret Service Presidential Protection Division whose wife is pregnant, and who plans to quit his dangerous job, drafts his resignation when he gets the call to lead the detail charged with protecting the president while attending the funeral. However, once they arrive in London their worst fears are confirmed. It's all a setup. A devastating barrage of bombs and bullets rain down on London.

London Has Fallen is a sequel to the 2013 film, Olympus Has Fallen. This version is shocking in its storyline – an organized attack on world leaders - and its execution of that story – seeing those attacks so ruthlessly carried out. The images are unimaginably destructive, historical and treasured British landmarks leveled before your eyes. The cinematography expertly captures every horrid angle of death and devastation. Frankly, this is the basis for my rating this film a "See It!"

This movie provides the excitement – and violence – that those who are most likely to go see this film will expect to see. An exceptional cast: Gerard Butler as the secret service lead, has that edge which gives his character credibility. Aaron Eckhart looks and behaves like what we would traditionally view as presidential. Morgan Freeman plays Vice President, Allan Trumbull, takes charge in a way that we would hope the VP would do in the absence of the president.

However, there are serious flaws in London Has Fallen. The almost complete success of this attack causes some credibility problems. No matter how well planned, things usually go awry. Much more than they did with this plan. At some points the story becomes completely predictable. This movie is also plagued by overly simplistic dialogue. When the attackers obviously have details that aided in their planning, President Asher opines: This had to be an inside job! Secret Service Director Jacobs also comments: They must have been planning this for a long time!

As to our diversity rankings, London Has Fallen gets a B+. It's very diverse in the sense black characters. Angela Bassett, Morgan Freeman and Colin Salmon, who plays the Scotland Yard Chief, all have substantive roles. However, there is a lack of other people of color, specifically very few Asians and Hispanics.

London Has Fallen opens on March 4, 2016, is 1 hour and 39 minutes in length, and is rated R (for strong violence and language throughout). It receives our highest rating: See It!, for its action and excitement.

Amazon Studios Selects Spike Lee Film to Launch Original Movie Unit

Filmmaker Spike Lee helps Amazon Studios' pioneering effort into movie business

Amazon Studios says it has acquired Spike Lee's new film as its first Amazon original movie.

The film, with the working title "Chi-Raq," features a cast including Nick Cannon, Wesley Snipes, Jennifer Hudson, Teyonah Parris, D.B. Sweeney, Harry Lennix, Steve Harris, Angela Bassett, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson.

Amazon Studios' Ted Hope said, "it would be impossible to find a better filmmaker" than Lee to launch the studio with."

Bishop TD Jakes Says BLACK NATIVITY Great for Whole Family

Bishop T.D. Jakes, and his wife, Serita on the red carpet at the BLACK NATIVITY New York Premiere at the Apollo Theater in New York City

Bishop Jakes Discusses the Significance of BLACK NATIVITY

The couple has produced several movies, so is there a difference between BLACK NATIVITY and the others.

"Huge difference," said Bishop Jakes. "When you consider Jumping the Broom, and Sparkle, Woman Thou Art Loosed and some of the things we have done, none of our movies have ever been alike and this is true to form. We've never done a musical before; we've never done a movie that really focuses on the family of a pastor before, ironically. And, so this is an opportunity for us to do something that shows the humanity of the pastor and the struggle of the family, in general, in a way that I think that people can come out and find out hey my family doesn't have to be perfect to be able to enjoy this film and maybe I can use something to get back together again and hook it up between the people I love."

So what made Bishop Jakes get on board to be an executive producer of BLACK NATIVITY?

"Well, first of all, it's a pastor's family why would I not jump on board with that? And then it's a great opportunity from the standpoint of the tremendous cast that we have and I love to do things that you can bring the whole family to and not have to cover up the kids' eyes. And, I think during the holidays when so many people wrestle with depression to do something that's uplifting and rejuvenating that doesn't show this picture perfect family and make people feel like if you don't have it all together you can't enjoy the holidays, it's a great way to reach that audience."

BLACK NATIVITY is a holiday musical drama, so what is Bishop Jakes' favorite Christmas song?

"Well, Silent Night is an all-time favorite, you can't really have Christmas without it," he replied. "And, for me personally, Come O Ye Faithful is a great song. In the movie though, the song, Be Grateful is absolutely amazing. It's incredible. Jennifer Hudson rocks it."

Upcoming Projects from Bishop Jakes
So what upcoming projects does Bishop Jakes have that we should be on the lookout for?

Bishop Jakes always has something going on. However, he has a book coming out in Spring 2014 called, INSTINCT. It will hopefully show people that if you listen to your instincts you can perhaps tie into your Divine purpose and be far more effective in business, in your career, and in your personal life, basically, the book INSTINCT will teach people about the power of instincts.

Go see BLACK NATIVITY, it's for the whole family and especially for young people to see themselves on screen.

BLACK NATIVITY also stars: Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Tyrese Gibson, Jacob Latimore, Mary J. Blige, Nasir Jones aka Nas, Jennifer Hudson, Gale Gibson, Luke James.

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