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Movie Review: London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen film art Image: Nu Image, Millennium Films London Has Fallen film art

The world is shocked by the unexpected death of the British Prime Minister. The leaders of the Western World including U.S. President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) immediately make plans to attend the funeral in London. The Secret Service navigates through what is security nightmare: multiple nations mapping out plans to keep their leaders safe while in England. Lynne Jacobs (Angela Bassett), the Director of the United States Secret Service, even tries to keep the President from attending. But due to the longstanding bond between the two nations, the chief executive feels he has no choice.

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) head of the Secret Service Presidential Protection Division whose wife is pregnant, and who plans to quit his dangerous job, drafts his resignation when he gets the call to lead the detail charged with protecting the president while attending the funeral. However, once they arrive in London their worst fears are confirmed. It's all a setup. A devastating barrage of bombs and bullets rain down on London.

London Has Fallen is a sequel to the 2013 film, Olympus Has Fallen. This version is shocking in its storyline – an organized attack on world leaders - and its execution of that story – seeing those attacks so ruthlessly carried out. The images are unimaginably destructive, historical and treasured British landmarks leveled before your eyes. The cinematography expertly captures every horrid angle of death and devastation. Frankly, this is the basis for my rating this film a "See It!"

This movie provides the excitement – and violence – that those who are most likely to go see this film will expect to see. An exceptional cast: Gerard Butler as the secret service lead, has that edge which gives his character credibility. Aaron Eckhart looks and behaves like what we would traditionally view as presidential. Morgan Freeman plays Vice President, Allan Trumbull, takes charge in a way that we would hope the VP would do in the absence of the president.

However, there are serious flaws in London Has Fallen. The almost complete success of this attack causes some credibility problems. No matter how well planned, things usually go awry. Much more than they did with this plan. At some points the story becomes completely predictable. This movie is also plagued by overly simplistic dialogue. When the attackers obviously have details that aided in their planning, President Asher opines: This had to be an inside job! Secret Service Director Jacobs also comments: They must have been planning this for a long time!

As to our diversity rankings, London Has Fallen gets a B+. It's very diverse in the sense black characters. Angela Bassett, Morgan Freeman and Colin Salmon, who plays the Scotland Yard Chief, all have substantive roles. However, there is a lack of other people of color, specifically very few Asians and Hispanics.

London Has Fallen opens on March 4, 2016, is 1 hour and 39 minutes in length, and is rated R (for strong violence and language throughout). It receives our highest rating: See It!, for its action and excitement.