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Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment Allegations Exposes Hollywood

Eminem drops freestyle diss of Donald Trump and crickets from Trump; 50 Cent Claps back at Wendy Williams; Tyrese’s legal battle with ex-wife and; more


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and quite frankly, every day should be Breast Cancer Awareness Day especially for Black women. So don’t ignore any irregularities with your breast and make sure that you or any woman you know gets her baseline mammogram at age 35 and every year after your 40th birthday, no excuses. In NYC, there are health facilities that provide free and low-cost mammograms, so no excuses!

By now, we all should have seen the movie, Hidden Figures, where Taraji P. Henson played the role of mathematician Katherine G. Johnson, also known as the human computer. As you know, Ms. Johnson did the mathematical calculations that helped the U.S. beat Russia into space. Well, the $30 million, 40,000-square-foot Katherine G. Johnson Computational Research Facility named in her honor finally opened!

Shonda Rhimes is among the 2017 Television Academy Hall of Fame inductees.

FOX orders five additional episodes of STAR for the current Season 2, and TV ONE’S BOBBI KRISTINA premiered #1 in its time slot among African-American households.

Aisha Hinds and Rockmond Dunbar join Angela Bassett in Ryan Murphy’s Fox Series 9-1-1; LHHATL’S Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera land a spinoff reality show, MEET THE FLOCKAS; Peter Gunz and his wife, Amina Buddafly are taking their relationship issues to MARRIAGE BOOTCAMP REALITY STARS and; Jordan Peele surprised a UCLA class inspired by Get Out. The class is taught by celebrated author and educator, Tananarive Due.

In not so good news, NeNe Leakes was fired from the XSCAPE REUNION TOUR over a rape joke she stated while on stage. Nene later apologized for the joke and after a few days said she ‘had a real breakdown’ after rape joke backlash.

And, the bad news keeps pouring in for Megyn Kelly. Unfortunately, celebrity publicists are bailing on NBC’s Megyn Kelly Today, so the show is having difficulty getting high-profile guests. Also, Megyn Kelly Today is not a good lead-in for Hoda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford’s show as it is dragging down the ratings of that show.


Harvey Weinstein and Rape Culture In America

After journalist Ronan Farrow’s 8,000 word story, in which, 13 women made detailed allegations against film executive, Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexual abuse against women ran in the New Yorker, all hell broke loose. Women who were abused by Weinstein now feel emboldened to speak up and a number of men are ducking for cover.

Are you surprised that Harvey Weinstein is getting the Bill Cosby treatment?


Hip-hop rapper, Eminem, slammed Donald Trump with his freestyle rap at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Although Eminem received widespread praise, everyone is not happy. Rapper YG feels like chopped liver because he and Nipsey Hussle released F--k Donald Trump in 2016, to some praise, but not nearly as much as the amount of praise that Eminem is receiving. YG posted his displeasure on social and then deleted it.

Judge Says Tyrese Gibson’s Daughter Can Testify

It’s been reported that since singer Tyrese Gibson remarried, he and his former wife and mother of his child, Norma Gibson, have been in an ongoing feud. According to, a judge has given Tyrese’s ex-wife, the option of calling their 10-year-old daughter Shayla to the stand if she chooses.

Is this a good strategy for Norma Gibson to call her 10-year-old daughter to testify in court?

50 Cent Claps Back at Wendy Williams

Talk show host, Wendy Williams, is used to people clapping back at her, but none like 50 Cents' hurtful barbs.

Fifty announced a party to celebrate the end of his court-ordered child support payments.

Wendy responded to 50-Cent’s announcement saying, “You’re 42. You got a 21-year-old son. Get your life.”

Fifty was not happy and he posted on Instagram what many perceived to be very hurtful responses to Wendy Williams.

Wendy’s fans seem to think 50 Cents went too far? Agree?


Our Motivational Quote of the Week is:

“When a black voice is raised in protest to oppression, those who are comfortable with our oppression are the first to criticize us for daring to speak out against it.” – Harry Belafonte


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Foods to Avoid to Prevent Breast and Prostate Cancers

Unraveling the connection between food and cancer

Buckle your seatbelts. This is going to be a controversial post. This post is going to answer the question, what causes breast cancer and what causes prostate cancer. The answers may make you angry, they may make you skeptical, but if you give it a chance, they may make you reflective and eager to learn more. So let's dive in.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women in the United Sates (the first is heart disease). Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among men in the US and the leading cause of cancer death among African American men. Both cancers are reproductive cancers – affecting the cells of human's reproductive organs – and appear to be influenced by eating habits that occur before and during puberty. *

A brief look at the history of the Western diet reveals that as the Western diet shifted to an increase in meat and dairy consumption, by the early 1900s adolescents reached the age of puberty at an earlier age than previous centuries. Boys and girls were growing faster and entering puberty at younger ages. Among female adolescents, this was clear, as the arrival of their first menstruation was at an age remarkably lower than girls of previous generations – age 17 in 1840 compared to ages 11 and 12 in the 21st century. This link between diet and onset of puberty showed that there was a relationship between food and rapid growth in humans.

Joel Fuhrman is a doctor and the author of a book titled "Eat to Live." In the book, he describes how rapid growth affects reproductive cells. When the consumption of animal food increases, "it leads to a higher level of sex hormones...these levels cause hormonal and cellular abnormalities which [if continues] persist into adulthood, setting the stage for cancer many years later."

Fuhrman continues by writing that "ovarian hormones play an [important] role, at all stages, in the development of breast cancer." While these are obvious markers for women, in terms of their reproductive organs and cells, the same is true for men. The earlier boys enter puberty, the greater the risk they have of developing prostate cancer in the future. In essence, "the rapidly we grow and mature, the greater our cancer risk."

This is the part of the post that may make you feel angry because for so long, doctors and researchers have told us that breast cancer and prostate cancer are genetic cancers. The truth is genetics play a very minor role in the development of breast and prostate cancer. In fact, although there are many contributing factors to cancer, diet and food are the number one factors, and specifically, in the cases of these two cancers, how we eat before and during puberty. It is the "unhealthy nutrition" habits of childhood and adolescence that creates the environment for cancer.

Again, a diet of animal consumption leads to rapid growth, which leads to high hormone levels, in turn leading to abnormality in the cells and creating an environment where cancer can develop.

Let Food Heal Thyself

The "cure" then, for reversing damaged cells formed from unhealthy eating habits is to significantly reduce or eliminate our animal consumption as early as possible – while simultaneously increasing our fruit and vegetable intake. To everyone who loves their meat, yikes this is hard, but it isn't impossible. Fruits and vegetables – nature's medicine – offer protection against diseases such as cancer.* As we decrease our animal consumption and increase our fruit and vegetable intake, we can reduce our risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Even those with cancer currently and undergoing treatment can see a reduction in the spread of the cancer as they make changes to their eating habits.*

The good news is, it is never too late to reverse the effects of past eating habits.

Judith Silfrene is not a licensed medical professional, however, she is an avid reader of health and nutrition books written by PHDs and MDs.

*The studies and statements referred to in this post can be found in Dr. Joel Fuhrman's book, "Eat to Live."

Toni Marie Ricci and Michael Bell Going to the Next Level

VIDEO: Toni Marie Ricci and Michael Bell Collaborate on Groundbreaking Book and Art Phenomenon: SCARS OF A REAL MOB WIFE 

Accompanied by artist Michael Bell, Toni Marie Ricci spoke to What's The 411TV correspondent Barbara Bullard about the genesis of I MARRIED A MOBSTER and her forthcoming book, SCARS OF A REAL MOB WIFE.

The conversation took place at Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relations' Shopping Night Out to benefit Beating Cancer in Heels.

The television show, I MARRIED A MOBSTER, gave Toni Marie Ricci an opportunity to tell her story about being married for 17 years to someone who lived the mob life in an unfiltered manner. Toni Marie Ricci believes that her upcoming book, SCARS OF A REAL MOB WIFE, will show women that they can move out of bad situations and go forward with their lives.

Michael Bell hopes that the entire process of creating the art to accompany SCARS OF A REAL MOB WIFE was a cathartic process that helped Toni Marie Ricci to release some of the things that she has experienced emotionally.

He sees his seven-portrait series of Toni Marie Ricci's life as groundbreaking, as it has never been done before. The first painting will encapsulate everything and the next six will unfold like chapters in a book.

Michael Bell said, "When you're creating a narrative portrait of someone's life, it's a way of letting that person know that their story matters, it should be immortalized, it should carry on, longer than it might even make headlines in the news."

"These paintings will say what the words in the book will often fail to describe accurately. They will do what words can't say. It's pretty amazing," he added.

SCARS OF A REAL MOB WIFE is expected to be released, along with the art installation, in early 2013.

Shopping Night Out was conceived by Nikkia McClain, Founder and CEO, Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relations. Shopping Night Out benefits Beating Cancer in Heels, a non-profit organization created by Marlena Ortiz, a 28-year-old breast cancer survivor.

Neda Hakakian Supports Beating Cancer in Heels

VIDEO: Neda Hakakian donates fur vest to Shopping Night Out, the fundraising event to support Beating Cancer in Heels

Neda Hakakian, P.Luca4Barami, Vice President of Merchandising and Professional Services, attended Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relation's 2nd annual fundraiser, Shopping Night Out to support the non-profit organization, Beating Cancer in Heels.

Super excited about donating a fur vest for Shopping Night Out's silent auction, Neda was just as excited about being at the event to help raise money for a great cause with great people.

Neda also shared the news that Barami just launched a new collection, P. Luca.

"Barami is my father and he has been in business for over 20 years dressing fabulous ladies and I hope to dress the next generation of fabulous ladies," Neda told What's The 411's Barbara Bullard.

"We're a New York City-based brand and we do fun affordable fashion for fun trend-setting women, she added"

Shopping Night Out, a breast cancer awareness event,was conceived by Nikkia McClain, Founder and CEO, Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relations.

Shopping Night Out benefits Beating Cancer in Heels, a non-profit organization created by Marlena Ortiz, a 28-year-old breast cancer survivor.

Nadine Ramos, CEO and Founder, Lasio Inc. Helping to Beat Cancer in Heels

VIDEO: Nadine Ramos, CEO and Founder, Lasio Inc., and a sponsor of Shopping Night Out, is on a mission to help rid the world of cancer through her philanthropic efforts.

What's The 411's Barbara Bullard learned that Nadine Ramos lost her father five months ago to lung cancer. Consequently, Ms. Ramos wanted to help support Tene Nicole Marketing and P.R.'s Shopping Night Out fundraiser for Beating Cancer in Heels.

An employer, Ms. Ramos overcame her under-privileged upbringing through her love for beauty and fashion. She created Lasio, Inc., 10 years ago, which competes in the highly competitive hair care industry. Today, Lasio manufactures and distributes its products worldwide.

The company specializes in keratin-based products such as keratin-based treatments, as well as, an extensive line of aftercare products: shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and wave activators to name a few.

Lasio styled the models and VIPs at Shopping Night Out and provided all guests with a gift bag filled with all types of goodies.

You can find Lasio online and at its flagship salon in Manhattan.

Shopping Night Out was conceived by Nikkia McClain, Founder and CEO, Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relations.

Shopping Night Out benefits Beating Cancer in Heels, a non-profit organization created by Marlena Ortiz, a 28-year-old breast cancer survivor.

Reality TV Star Love Majewski Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

VIDEO: Mob Wives reality TV star Love Majewski attends Shopping Night Out to support Beating Cancer in Heels

Speaking to What's The 411 correspondent Barbara Bullard, Love Majewski explained the back story that is of interest to many people. Ms. Majewski came to fame through I Married a Mobster, a docu-drama based on her life. I Married a Mobster was a cathartic experience for Ms. Majewski because it helped to reveal her toxic lifestyle.

"More than anything, it was very healing, to let out the things that I hadn't been able to say in the past... purging myself of all the negativity," Ms. Majewski said about I Married a Mobster.

The reason for sharing her story is for young women. Ms. Majewski advises young women to give another look at the normal guy.

Ms. Majewski recently created her own cosmetic company, Veritas Cosmetics, and now knows that she can stand on her own. She no longer sees men as a crutch and wants young women to know they can do anything on their own.

Shopping Night Out was conceived by Nikkia McClain, Founder and CEO, Tene Nicole Marketing and Public Relations.

Shopping Night Out benefits Beating Cancer in Heels, a non-profit organization created by Marlena Ortiz, a 28-year-old breast cancer survivor.

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