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Time Inc. Fires Essence Editor Constance White

Veteran journalist Constance C.R. White is no longer the Editor of Essence magazine. She did not leave to get another job or to retire; according to reports, Time Inc. relieved Ms. White of her duties on Friday.

What's The 411 interviewed Ms. White about a year ago at the New York Association of Black Journalists' Awards Gala and she was so excited about delivering the best magazine product to black women.

What's The 411 also interviewed Ms. White in late November 2012 at the BCA Global Food and Wine Experience (around 9:30), and she was still the biggest cheerleader for Essence and by extension black women.

However yesterday, according to reports, Time Inc. was tired of her advocacy for diverse stories for and about black women and decided it was time to let Ms. White go.

According to published reports, Time, Inc. increasingly made an effort to "limit the way black women were portrayed."

White disagreed with this new direction and constantly had disagreements with her bosses and they eventually told her that her services were no longer needed.

In 2000, Time Inc. purchased 49 percent of Essence Communications Inc., a publishing company that published Essence magazine and other magazine titles. Essence Communications also produced the Essence Music Festival.

In 2005, Time Inc. made a deal with Essence Communications Inc. to purchase the remaining 51 percent it did not already own. The deal placed the ownership of the 34-year-old Essence magazine, the country's number one magazine targeted to black women under white ownership.

What's The 411 TV Releases Its List of 25 Most Interesting People of 2012

What's The 411TV's List of 25 Most Interesting People of 2012 was developed from interviews conducted by What's The 411TV correspondents during 2012

BROOKLYN, NY; December 20, 2012 - What's The 411, an entertainment and lifestyle television show, released today its list of 25 Most Interesting People of 2012.

What's The 411's 25 Most Interesting People of 2012 was developed from interviews conducted by What's The 411 reporters from January 1, 2012 through November 30, 2012. The list consists of celebrated personalities to ordinary people doing extraordinary things to the American people rallying for justice in the case of Trayvon Martin. Many people are local to the New York City metro area, while others are global figures.

"Throughout the years, What's The 411 has interviewed so many interesting people," said Ruth J. Morrison, CEO and Founder, Whats The 411 Networks. "This year, we decided to create our list of 25 Most Interesting People. It wasn't easy, but the reporters and producers narrowed What's The 411's Most Interesting People of 2012 to a list of 25. Some are known to almost everyone and some will be names heard for the first time."

"After developing and releasing our list of 25 Most interesting People of 2012, we learned that the Brooklyn Nets fired head coach Avery Johnson. Coach Johnson's firing was shocking and What's The 411 still stands by its decision to include Coach Johnson on its list. In our interview, we saw excitement, conviction, a warrior's attitude, and a commitment to bringing a competitive basketball team to Brooklyn," Ms. Morrison added.

The people making up What's The 411's 25 Most Interesting People of 2012 fall into the categories of entrepreneurs; kids doing great things; sports; fashion and beauty; health; non-profits; media and public relations; and even a former mob wife. The list also includes the winners of What's The 411's Jay Z Concert Ticket Giveaway, a couple so engaging they should have their own reality TV show.

Below is a list of What's The 411's 25 Most Interesting People of 2012 with hotlinks to their respective video interviews:

1. Marlena Ortiz - a 28-year-old breast cancer survivor who created the non-profit Beating Cancer in Heels to help women keep their self-esteem while undergoing cancer treatment
2. Trayvon Martin Vigil in Union Square, New York City - representing Americans standing up against racism
3. Hal Jackson (Posthumously) - legendary radio pioneer who broke many color barriers in radio broadcasting. Hal Jackson died on May 23, 2012 at age 96.
4. Danny Jacobs - a boxer who survived cancer and is now back in the boxing ring with two wins in two months
5. Magic Johnson - because he's Magic
6. David Stern - NBA Commissioner who bucked the prevailing sentiment at the time and developed a salary system which created many young black millionaires, a rising tide floats all boats
7. Sue Simmons - An iconic newswoman; anchor of WNBC-TV News for 32 years
8. Avery Johnson - the goody two-shoes head coach of the Brooklyn Nets; who knew he had so much fight
9. Billie Jean King - an iconic tennis champion and advocate for gender equality
10. Helen Shelton - an African-American woman who rose to executive ranks within a global public relations agency by providing value to her clients
11. Allan Houston - Assistant General Manager, New York Knicks and a former NBA player now leading the way advocating and demonstrating the importance of fathers through hisFather Knows Best initiative
12. Beauty/Fashion Trifecta: Vera Moore, Sofia Davis and Thomas Lavone: - Vera Moore is a beauty entrepreneur of 34 years in the competitive cosmetic business and now making a huge breakthrough with national distribution through Walgreen's; Sofia Davis, Editor, Fashion Avenue News Magazine; and Thomas Lavonne, an award winning New Jersey based fashion designer and entrepreneur with a celebrity following; known for his exceptional talent in Ready To Wear gowns, suits and fine apparel
13. Leslie Allen - a retired professional tennis player and keeper of the legacy of tennis champion Arthur Ashe through the Arthur Ashe Foundation
14. Alia Jones-Harvey - a Broadway theatre producer putting a new spin on classic Broadway theatre productions, thus creating diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity on Broadway
15. Dr. Devra Davis - an environmental health scientist ringing the cell phone environmental alarm bell16. Cheryl Wills - author and 20 years of making a difference in TV news in New York City
17. Constance CR White - a multi-dimensional fashionista running a magazine for Black women (no disrespect to Susan Taylor)
18. Dionne Williams - a fashion entrepreneur providing a professional platform for emerging fashion designers during New York Fashion Week
19. Alfred Edmond Jr. and Windsor Neckwear - creators of the Alfred Edmond Jr. Bow Tie Collection and other men's accessories; helping men everywhere to stand out while fitting in
20. Terrie Williams - CEO and Founder, The Terrie Williams Agency; author; mental health advocate; and mentor; for her honesty about depression and for mentoring young men
21. Leslie Chang, Scholarship Winner of Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health's Health Science Academy and Winners of Arthur Ashe Kids Day Essay and Art Contest - these kids are definitely going places
22. Pamela Quinzi - a fabulously sensational shoe designer with savvy marketing skills
23. Saffiyah Rodgers and Valerie Morrison - owners of My Girlfriend's Closet - making a business out of a childhood passion
24. Kim Benson and Qadir Muhammad - winners of What's The 411's Jay-Z Concert Ticket Contest - a comedic, smart and sassy couple; they should have their own reality TV show
25. Toni Marie Ricci - survived being married to the mob and now an author and mentor to other women

About What's The 411TV

Based in Brooklyn, New York, What's The 411TV is a division of What's The 411 Networks, a media/news and information company connecting sophisticated multi-cultural audiences through its distribution platforms of television, online, mobile, and social media.

What's The 411TV's celebrity portfolio consists of interviews with Magic Johnson, Beyonce, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson and many, many more.

What's The 411 Networks has the largest video celebrity interview portfolio of any Brooklyn-based independent media company.

Helen Shelton Honored At BCA Global Food and Wine Experience

Helen Shelton, a Senior Partner with Finn Partners, a global public relations firm, received an award from BCA Global at its annual global food and wine experience. BCA Global is the Black Culinary Alliance, which connects and provides opportunities for Black students interested in the culinary, beverage and food industries.

In introducing Helen Shelton for her BCA Global award, Constance C.R. White, Editor, Essence magazine, reflected on Ms. Shelton's trailblazing career, her passion, thoroughness, attention to detail, and how Helen works to bring value to her clients.

"Helen has her particular expertise in creating branded entertainment. In her cause related platforms, she has really carved out a place where she is the, one of the, best at what she does in bringing, bringing partnerships, bringing information to a diverse audience; and not a lot of people can say or lay claim to this regardless of their background or color," Ms. White stated to the audience.

"...She always looks to deliver tangible results; really Helen something that I always admired about you," Ms. White added.

In her more than 16 years with Finn Partners, Ms. Shelton's strategic alliances for her client brands and her activities with noted individuals and organizations reads like who's who in Hollywood.

She connects her clients to architecture, entertainment, music, fashion, voter registration, and housing to name a few.

As Ms. White stated, Helen Shelton is an Essence woman. She brings a sense of innovation and a hallmark of excellence to everything she does.

BCA Global's Annual Food and Wine Experience Celebrates Diversity

BCA Global, a gateway to creating awareness and exposure of career opportunities in the culinary industry, brings out foodies for a good cause

Last night, What's The 411TV correspondent Barbara Bullard was all over BCA Global's 9th Food and Wine Experience.

BCA Global, a nonprofit organization created to improve African-Americans' awareness and exposure of career opportunities in the culinary industry, celebrated its 9th Food and Wine Experience, which honored the life and works of Helen Shelton, Senior Partner of Finn Partners. Ms. Shelton has been in the business of public relations and management longer than she cares to share and has combined her philanthropic endeavors with her corporate projects.

For Alex Askew, President of BCA Global, leading the organization has been a labor of love. He has overseen the expansion of membership to include people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds rendering a truly multicultural organization. Mr. Askew has led the development of new chapters in other parts of the country. He also plans to expand the mission and objective of the organization globally.

Howard Stanford, Chairman of BCA Global's Board, designs commercial kitchens. He fell in love with BCA Global's mission early on and has been very supportive of the organization for several years.

Glenn Gilliam, BCA Global's director of Strategic Partnerships and another long-term supporter of BCA Global, explained his role and the value that companies receive being sponsors of BCA Global.

Sharon and Karen Mackey, better known as the Mackey Twins, are administrators of the City College of New York (CCNY), and have been ongoing supporters of BCA Global in their respective positions. With their help, City College is now developing a culinary program in cooperation with BCA Global.

Constance White, Editor of Essence magazine, introduced Helen Shelton, the honoree of the evening. Ms. White has worked with Ms. Shelton throughout the years and praises her professionalism and iconic legacy.

After Ms. Shelton received her award, a food and wine tasting continued throughout the evening, ending with a buffet style reception on the upper tier.

Essence Magazine Editor Constance C.R. White Spills The Tea

VIDEO: Essence magazine editor Constance C.R. White spoke to What's The 411 correspondent, Andrew Rosario, at NYABJ about the changes at Essence

One of the latest changes at Essence is that the magazine lowered the age of the average reader. It did so while still keeping the legacy reader, the foundation of the magazine. A multi-generational magazine reaching women from age 16 to 66, Essence has elevated the look of the magazine, while still advocating for and celebrating Black women.

The interview was conducted at the NY Association of Black Journalists annual gala.

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