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Helen Shelton Honored At BCA Global Food and Wine Experience

Helen Shelton, a Senior Partner with Finn Partners, a global public relations firm, received an award from BCA Global at its annual global food and wine experience. BCA Global is the Black Culinary Alliance, which connects and provides opportunities for Black students interested in the culinary, beverage and food industries.

In introducing Helen Shelton for her BCA Global award, Constance C.R. White, Editor, Essence magazine, reflected on Ms. Shelton's trailblazing career, her passion, thoroughness, attention to detail, and how Helen works to bring value to her clients.

"Helen has her particular expertise in creating branded entertainment. In her cause related platforms, she has really carved out a place where she is the, one of the, best at what she does in bringing, bringing partnerships, bringing information to a diverse audience; and not a lot of people can say or lay claim to this regardless of their background or color," Ms. White stated to the audience.

"...She always looks to deliver tangible results; really Helen something that I always admired about you," Ms. White added.

In her more than 16 years with Finn Partners, Ms. Shelton's strategic alliances for her client brands and her activities with noted individuals and organizations reads like who's who in Hollywood.

She connects her clients to architecture, entertainment, music, fashion, voter registration, and housing to name a few.

As Ms. White stated, Helen Shelton is an Essence woman. She brings a sense of innovation and a hallmark of excellence to everything she does.