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The Artists That Have Influenced Blushhh Music May Surprise You

MC Lyte, Missy Elliott, Destiny's Child, Left Eye, Kanye West, and the Flatbush Zombies are among the musical influences of Blushhh Music

In music, everyone is influenced by someone. As a trio, Blushhh Music's sound is their own. However, as individuals, you can hear their musical influences.

Growing up, Sunnie's influences were MC Lyte, Lauryn Hill, Tupac, and Queen Latifah. Fast forward, her current influences are Drake, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole.

As a vocalist, Tali's influences come from the R&B/Pop side of the ledger. Michael Jackson's "You are Not Alone" was the first song she sang at 3-years-old. Like many kids who were influenced by their parents' musical preferences, Tali followed her mother's path and became a fan of Janet Jackson and The Jacksons. Tali later became a fan of Destiny's Child, Sade, Shakira, and Selena. Since she has been

Since Tali has been raponizing, Tali's hip-hop influences include NWA, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Chance The Rapper.

Check out this video, Blushhh Music gives a sample of raponizing.

Just listening to Bunni Ray, you can tell her influences are Left Eye (TLC), DaBrat, and Lil' Kim. What is surprising is that she is influenced by modern day Kanye West and the Flatbush Zombies.

In their debut single, Old School Back, Blushhh Music's musical influences are on display, but in a way that is distinctly their own.

We got a little taste of Blushhh Music's raponizing, which is a blend of rapping with a Capella harmonizing.

Pick up Blushhh Music's debut single, Old School Back, on iTunes and follow these ladies on social media @BlushhhMusic

Exclusive Interview: Meet Blushhh Music, Mathew Knowles' New Hip Hop Trio

Sunnie, Tali, and Bunni Ray of Blushhh Music are bringing Old School Back

The newest group from Mathew Knowles' Music World Entertainment is more than a girl group they are a hip-hop trio consisting of rappers Sunnie and Bunni Ray, and vocalist, Tali, better known as Blushhh Music.

What's The 411 had an opportunity to talk exclusively with Blushhh Music about how the group came together; their raponizing art form; the people who influenced them; meeting Mathew Knowles; and Kelly Rowland's impact on Tali; and their first single, Old School Back, which can be purchased on iTunes.

How Blushhh Music Came Together

We all like to know how groups come together. So starting from the beginning, it all started with the help of digital technology. More specifically, Blushhh Music came together with the help of social media.

Group member Sunnie was part of a duo searching for a singer to complete the group. During an Internet search of singers in Houston, she found Tali on Facebook. Fortunately for Tali, she branded herself well with a profile name on Facebook, TaliBestSingerlastname. Additionally, Tali's photos represented her well and the way she responded to the inquiry were the icing on the cake that gave her an invite to audition to be part of the group.

Five years later, the original group of Sunnie, Tali, and another rapper met Mathew Knowles at a showcase and were signed to an artist development contract. Two months into the contract, the other rapper dropped out and consequently there was a need to find another group member. Sunnie and Tali found Bunni Ray on Instagram. Mr. Knowles gave Sunnie and Tali complete creative control over the selection of Bunni Ray, because, at the end of the day, it was their "sisterhood" that was important.

So, can these ladies sing and rap? Well, in a word, yes! They gave us a taste of their "raponizing" aka a Capella rapping harmony.

Musical Influences

In music, everyone is influenced by someone. As a trio, Blushhh Music's sound is their own. However, as individuals, you can hear their influences.

Growing up, Sunnie's musical influences were MC Lyte, Lauren Hill, Tupac, and Queen Latifah. Fast forward, her current influences are Drake, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole.

As a vocalist, Tali's influences come from the R&B/Pop side of the ledger. Michael Jackson's, "You are Not Alone," is the first song she sang at 3-years-old. Like many kids who were influenced by their parents' musical preferences, Tali followed her mother's path and became a fan of Janet Jackson and The Jacksons. Tali later became a fan of Destiny's Child, Sade, Shakira, and Selena. Since she has been raponizing, Tali's hip-hop influences include NWA, Bone Thugs n' Harmony, and Chance The Rapper.

Just listening to Bunni Ray, you can tell her influences are Left Eye (TLC), DaBrat, and Lil' Kim. What is surprising is that she is influenced by modern day Kanye West and the Flatbush Zombies. With What's The 411 being based in Brooklyn, shout out to the Flatbush Zombies! If we had known in advance of the interview, perhaps we could have arranged a meetup!

Blushhh Music's Defining Fashion Style

What's The 411 host and beauty expert, Courtney Rashon, is always focused on beauty and style. Courtney says when she first saw Blushhh Music, she saw their style as glam hip-hop, "Destiny's Child meets TLC, meets like a Run DMC."

"We do match, as you can see," responded Sunnie. "We're big on matching."

Their look is cohesive, a tip they learned from Mathew Knowles. When people see them, they should know that they are in a group even if they are not standing right next to each other.

Although there is cohesiveness, "we do have individual things about ourselves that you're always going to notice, Sunnie continued. "You're always going to notice Sunnie with the braids and a hat. Tali with the big blond hair."

"Artistic," Bunni Ray chimed in. "...she's super artsy with what she wears."

"I'm likely to draw on something or rip it up," added Tali.

"It is never going to be how she bought it in the store," says Bunni Ray.

Tali, who has a sexy style of her own, says that Bunni Ray brings the sex appeal, with Bunni Ray, "you're going to see thighs and boobs, you're going to see, sex appeal," said Tali with a finger snap.

Working With Mathew Knowles

What's The 411 host Onika McLean asked the question that many people want to know.

"How's it working with him (Mr. Knowles)...tell us something we don't know."

"He's not as intimidating as he looks; he's not as mean. We thought he hated us. Oh, he don't like us; I didn't even want to sing," responded Tali.

"If he's hard on you, it is because you have potential," added Sunnie.

"If he tells you that you're good, you might want to work," Tali said.

"Because you're never done growing," Sunnie continued. "Even with his daughter, he says all the time, Beyonce, every show, she's looking at something to improve. Every show, he's looking at something to improve. If you ever feel satisfied, and there's nothing in your mind that you feel you should work on, then he says you should just stop it here because you're not going to prosper. "

"He's funny," said Tali. "He's very funny, he has jokes, so smart. He knows what punch lines to say, what to make the topic of the day. Watch this be the headline because I said it."

"He's a marketing a genius." Sunni interrupted.

Kelly Rowland Makes a Great Impression on Blushhh Music

Aside from Mr. Knowles, who is the most interesting person that they have met since they became a group, Onika asked Blushhh Music

"Kelly Rowland!," Tali responded without hesitation. "Kelly Rowland to me; she played a big part when I was growing up period, in my high school days. When Sunni found me, I was telling Sunni about it, so Sunni was like, okay, okay. So when we got signed with Mr. Knowles, it was weird. So we just had the Atlanta Car Show, the car and bike show that we did, and she (Kelly Rowland) has June's Diary and they were there and they performed. So we got to meet Kelly, and when she saw us across the room, she ran over to us, and she was like 'hey I'm so happy to see you, great job.' So I finally got a chance to introduce her, and they were like, 'hey I heard so much about you.' She's just so sweet. She took a picture with us. She gave us great advice and that is something that we just took with us. It was like meeting the entire Destiny's Child group. It's really like we are Music Entertainment World family.

The Wrap-up

In answering Onika's question regarding what each member of the group would like for the audience to know about the group, Tali didn't hesitate to swoop in before Sunnie and say "original," which is Sunnie's line. After a laugh, Tali told Sunnie to "steal" her line, and she obliged.

"Always be you because no one can be you better than you in the words of Tali," offered Sunnie.

These ladies are so talented, humble, and focused!

Download Old School Back by Blushhh Music on iTunes and follow Blushhh Music on all social media at @BlushhhMusic.


This WHAT'S THE 411 episode features our homage to the legendary poet, author, and film director, DR. MAYA ANGELOU. WHAT'S THE 411 host KIZZY COX, had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Dr. Angelou at the National Book Awards last November. We're also discussing events and updates about BLAIR UNDERWOOD, STACEY DASH, 50 CENT, ARSENIO HALL, the late MILES DAVIS, DON CHEADLE, TYRA BANKS and more.

So here's what we're talking about this week:

Music icon and businessman, DR. DRE, sold Beats Electronics to apple for three billion dollars. The deal works out to 2.6 billion dollars in cash and $400 million that will vest over time. Could DRE have done more with beats by DRE?

CBS cancelled THE ARSENIO HALL show. The move came three months after CBS had announced that it would renew the show for a second season. Why the about face?

Actor BLAIR UNDERWOOD was nominated for the TV Critics Association Award for best supporting actor for the Lifetime movie A TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL. On Blair's Facebook page, he congratulated his co-stars, those involved in making the film, and his fans for their support of the film.

50 CAN'T THROW! Rapper 50 CENT threw the first pitch at a recent New York Mets game.

It was the worst first pitch in major league history! 50 said he did practice before he took the field, but what happened 50???

The late jazz legend Miles Davis was honored last week with his own street. A stretch of West 77th Street, between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue has been renamed MILES DAVIS WAY in his honor. Davis was once a long-time resident of this Upper West Side neighborhood.



WIMPY AND SELL OUT POLITICIANS who won't or can't stand up to the gun manufacturers' lobby!

Chicago is becoming the murder capital of the U.S., almost every day we're hearing news of gun violence in New York City, and Richard Martinez, a grieving father whose son was killed by a crazed gunman at the USC-Santa Barbara Campus is outraged. He told the crowd at a rally for the victims:

"Today, I'm going to ask every person I can find to send a postcard to every politician they can think of with three words on it "not one more"


Acclaimed actor DON CHEADLE will star as MILES DAVIS in an upcoming biographical film entitled KILL THE TRUMPET PLAYER. Actress ZOE SALDANA will portray Davis' first wife, Frances. No release date has been set.

JUNE is BLACK MUSIC MONTH. EBONY magazine has a new issue out, a collector's edition, with BEYONCE on the cover. This issue features a 25-page salute to music's movers and shakers.

UNBREAK MY HEART was a big hit for TONI BRAXTON. It is also the title of her new autobiography, which hit bookstores this week. Also in the bookstores this week, is a biography by renowned opera singer BARBARA HENDRICKS entitled LIFTING MY VOICE, A MEMOIR.


NOTE: What's The 411TV hosts comments are their own and not necessarily the opinion of What's The 411 Networks.

Big Daddy Kane, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Caz, Rakim, Roxanne Shante

WATCH VIDEO: Rap pioneers come together for a celebration of 40 years of Hip-Hop culture at Central Park Summerstage

On a blazing hot day in August, What's The 411TV's correspondent Cristina Twitty could care less about the heat, as she basked in the glory with other hip-hop heads celebrating 40 Years of Hip-Hop Culture at Central Park Summerstage.

Cristina came to 40 Years of Hip-Hop Culture at Central Park Summerstage to speak specifically with Big Daddy Kane, but as it turned out, there were more than enough people willing to talk about hip-hop and its pioneering artists.

"I kinda got wind of this this week," admitted Jay Crush of Zulu Nation and hip-hop aficionado. "I actually came here to promote this (pointing to a CD), which is going to be a big banger. From what I know Rakim and Big Daddy Kane are going to be here, so basically that's who I came to see."

"Today is really momentous," said Erika Elliott, Events Director, Central Park Summerstage. "Hip-hop culture has been super important in my career and life personally and to be able to work with someone like Herc to bring his vision into Central Park and SummerStage is kind of like a big moment in my life."

The love in the audience couldn't compare to the love onstage. A visibly emotional Kool Herc, the Father of Hip-Hop, praised Rakim because he always remembers to pay homage to Herc and the legendary DJ, Red Alert.

"...Big ups to Kool Herc for starting this...and you saw Red Alert and said big ups to Red Alert," Herc said to Rakim, as the crowd applauded. "Nobody did that in this business...I love you man, you don't forget where you come from."

Rakim responded with a big man hug.

Grandmaster Caz, a pioneering hip-hop MC and DJ, proudly took credit for spawning Rakim and Big Daddy Kane and by extension all the Jay Zs (rappers who came later and benefited by the pioneers).

When asked by Cristina who he came to see perform and touch the stage, Caz responded, "Of course the god Rakim and my son, Big Daddy Kane. Alright, those are my direct influences, (my influences) go to straight to them, you know what I mean. They are the people who eventually led to the Jay Zs and when you follow the rap lineages, it all traces back to me."

Fan Jason Jacobs echoed Grandmaster Caz's sentiment, as he told Cristina who he was there to see.

"Big Daddy Kane all the way, Little Rakim, as well," Jason said.

Jason further explained why he loves these artists, "It takes me back to my childhood, man; pure hip-hop, great lyricism, and just awesome beats and a good time."

And, a display of that pure old school hip-hop with great lyricism, awesome beats and a good time came right on time when two hip-hop pioneering MCs took the stage, Big Daddy Kane and Rodney C.

Next, Cristina met up with the man of the hour, Big Daddy Kane.

"I am here with a pioneer in hip-hop, legendary MC, Grammy award-winning Big Daddy Kane, how are you?," Cristina says as she introduces Big Daddy Kane.

"Oh, no, keep on selling it, baby, I like that, keep on selling it," Kane responded with a laugh.

They talked about Big Daddy Kane's longevity in hip-hop; his sold out "Ladies Only" concerts at the Apollo Theatre; and his musical influences from James Brown; Marvin Gaye; Barry White; Teddy Pendergrass; and Al Green.

When Cristina asked Kane if he still has a close relationship with Biz Markie and Roxanne Shante from the Juice Crew, Kane perked up.

"Yea, I just saw Shante and her crazy self, walking around in a Louis Vuitton shirt and a big Afro wig; man, that's my girl for life," Kane said with a chuckle. "She was very supportive and helpful in the beginning stages of my career. Plus, you know, Biz Markie was the one who brought me into the industry. Shout out to everybody else in the Juice Crew: M.C. Shan; Kool G. Rap; Master Ace; Craig G; everybody."

Speaking of Roxanne Shante, the audience loved her; as they participated in call and response with her rhymes.

Lastly, Cristina ran into AJ Calloway, former host of BET's 106th and Park. You know Cristina had to find out who AJ came to see.

"Everybody that has been on that stage so far is a hip-hop legend and I came to see everybody, from Soul Sonic Force to Kool Herc to Big Daddy..., everybody," said AJ trying to be politically correct.

AJ also refused to pick a favorite album or a favorite artist.

"So what does it mean to be here at the 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop Culture," asked Cristina.

"I owe everything to hip-hop, so I had to come here to tip my hat, stand to the side and watch my heroes on stage," AJ added.

"I actually enjoy that hip-hop more than the ... hip-hop now and I'd love to see hip-hop go back to its roots," he continued.

What do you think is missing from hip-hop now?

"Substance," replied AJ.


Editor's note: Dr. Dre of hip-hop duo, Ed Lover and Dr. Dre fame, makes an appearance in the opening video montage

Videography by Alexis Williams

Throwback Interview: Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes checks in with Amelia Moore after an SWV - Hot 97 Charity Basketball Game held at Long Island University

Rapper Busta Rhymes tells What’s The 411 co-host Amelia Moore that he is making moves and not letting any grass grow under his feet. Busta’s production company Flipmode Entertainment now has a relationship with Rowdy Records, Arista Records, to go beyond just making music. He’s set to debut Rampage aka the Last Boy Scout, on the Flava in Ya Ear remix with Craig Mack.

Making all the moves to represent in the 9-5 (aka 1995), Busta says Leaders of the New School are still working together and as individuals. Some of the moves include moving more into movies as Busta Rhymes was first blessed to be part of the cast of an HBO special, Strapped, starring Fredro Starr from Onyx, and Bokeem Woodbine and directed by Forest Whitaker. From that opportunity Who’s The Man came as Leaders of the New School with a hook-up with Ed Lover and Dr. Dre. Next came a part in Higher Learning, which was directed by John Singleton, and stars Omar Epps, Ice Cube, Kristy Swanson, Michael Rapaport, Laurence Fishburne, and Regina King.

The moral of Busta Rhymes’ story is diversification, having the right networks, being open-minded to expand beyond your comfort zone, and being ready.

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