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411SportsTV: Mo'ne Davis in Baseball Hall of Fame; Brooklyn Nets Media Day; Deron Williams and Derrick Rose Support Local Charities; and More

In this episode of What's The 411Sports, the panel of Chris Graham, Gregory Alcala, Bianca Peart and Glenn Gilliam discuss sports news and events of the week, as well as, stories that are flying under the radar.

This week they are talking about:

  • Little League Baseball player, Mo'ne Davis, is in the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Brooklyn Nets Media Day shows a revitalized and focused team
  • Deron Williams and Derrick Rose are Feeling Charitable
  • NFL Week 4 Roundup: Teddy Bridgewater, Steve Smith, Kirk Cousins, RG III, and Geno Smith
  • The Pennsylvania Legislature Unanimously Approved September 14 -20 as Taney Dragons Week
  • Tony Stewart Walks Away From Criminal Charges
  • Derek Jeter Makes His Final Appearance at Yankees Stadium
  • In the Doghouse (Unofficially): John Idzik, Jr. GM, New York Jets

and more...

Watch this episode of What's The 411Sports

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411SportsTV: NFL Week 2; Mayweather v. Maidana; NFL's Domestic Violence Problem; Women's Boxing and More

In this episode of What's The 411Sports, the panel of Chris Graham, Gregory Alcala, Bianca Peart, and Glenn Gilliam are giving commentary on sports news and events. This week they are talking about:

  • NFL in Review: Week 2
  • 16 U.S. Senators Send a Letter NFL Commissioner Goodell Regarding Domestic Violence
  • Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana
  • Danny Ferry's Controversial Comments About former Cleveland Cavaliers player Luol Deng
  • Interview with Professional Boxer Sonya "The Scholar" Lamonakis
  • In the Dog House: NFL: Lack of Policies for Domestic Violence


Watch This Episode of What's The 411Sports

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New York Jets' Preseason Chatter

WATCH VIDEO: What's The 411Sports team have a spirited conversation about the New York Jets prospects and standing

The young guns seem to think that the Jets need to do less talking and more action on the field that lead to a win.

What's The 411Sports host, Glenn Gilliam, says that Rex Ryan speaking his mind is displaying the type of leadership that a team should have.

Gregory Alcala and Chris Graham don't seem to have much faith in Geno Smith.

Greg even thinks that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is better than Geno Smith.

Chris would like for Michael Vick to lead the team.

Do you have faith in Geno Smith?

Your thoughts about the Jets' prospects for this season?

Do you think the New York Jets will make it to the playoffs?

Could the New York Jets be Super Bowl bound?

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NFL Pre-Season Player Ranking Lists Are Biased

NFL Pre-Season Rankings Becoming an Irritant

Every year before the NFL season starts, the player ranking lists make their way to the public consciousness.

Glenn Gilliam, Host, What's The 411Sports, is not happy about the latest NFL player rankings. He's concerned that Russell Wilson, despite winning the Super Bowl last year, is being ranked too low.

He also feels Geno Smith, a rookie quarterback with the New York Jets, received no love even though he helped the New York Jets attain an 8-8 record with no real offensive help.

Chris Graham believes that Geno Smith has more room to grow this year with Michael Vick behind him. 

Give the young guns aka new jacks, the praise they so rightfully deserve.

On the other hand, What's The 411Sports reporter Gregory Alcala is a bit more cautious; he feels that we should wait to see what else the new jacks accomplish.

However, when asked would he start a new team with the new jacks or the old heads; Gregory said he would go with the newer players.

Who would be on your team, new players or the older guys?

VIDEO: Join in the conversation


Bring Johnny Football to the New York Jets

The New York Jets are on the brink of a franchise changing revolution. Unlike the other football franchise with which they share the city, the gang in green actually promotes a noun more appealing to the citizens of New York. That noun is hope, and the ascending progress the Jets have exhibited this past season in their transactions and production warrant hope.

Let's review: The Jets finished the 2013-14 NFL season 8-8; again, failing to reach the postseason since the 2009-10 NFL season. In starting the season, a preseason injury to then starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, removed him from participating for the duration of the 2013-14, as he elected to have surgery. This unfortunate circumstance provided an opportunity to second round NFL draftee QB Geno Smith, selected out of West Virginia. Head Coach Rex Ryan was retained for an additional year. Marty Mornhinweg was employed as the offensive coordinator, replacing former OC Brian Schottenheimer. The Jets moved on from its former GM Mike Tannenbaum, who they decided to dismiss in favor of John Idzik, newly appointed GM and the former Vice President of Football Operations for the Seattle Seahawks franchise.

As the modern GM, Idzik experienced his first draft establishing his imprint on this franchise, drafting most notably, QB Smith, CB Dee Milliner, DT Sheldon Richardson, G Brian Winters as well as trading the 106th pick in the 9th round to the New Orleans Saints for RB Chris Ivory, all of whom have gained significant playing time last season, especially Smith who was in other words, given the keys to the franchise. With those keys, Smith displayed and manufactured numbers equivalent to a rookie professional athlete, but not one of what has become the norm generated by the new breed of dual, dynamic QB's, and you've heard of them: Robert Griffin "Tha 3rd", Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton.

Since this is New York City, and we are an impatient bunch, Smith has to hurriedly enhance his abilities and translate them onto the gridiron. After all, no one's spot is guaranteed.

Those ideas were recently expressed by Idzik when he said to New York media representatives regarding the 2014 NFL Draft, "We'll look at Quarterbacks."

Smith knows that, even with eight wins. His interceptions overtook his touchdown completions, 21-12 with a completion percentage of 55.8, which is parallel to Sanchez. Smith did reveal some good but not enough, which is why he needs competition. Competition is needed to answer the long-term quarterback position for the New York Jets and who's worthy enough to demand it. Looking towards the draft only one name stands out to me in this class of Quarterbacks. Teddy Bridgewater stemming from Louisville appears to be the top of this year's QB class and will be the first QB selected in this year's draft. However, the QB prospect I'm targeting for these New York Jets is Johnny Manziel, hailing from Texas A&M University.

If you've ever watched and for those who have failed to, just know that it is a show. At 6' 1", over the course of two national college football seasons, Manziel has shown that he has skills. He possesses the skills to extend plays with his feet, excelling in the open field at making defenders miss with his slight frame, accumulating 2,169 rushing yards along with 30 rushing touchdowns. His arm has passed for 7,820 yards, completing 68.9 % of his passes, with a passer rating of 164.1. Manziel has become the first freshman to win the Davey O'Brien Award, appointed to the best overall NCAA QB and the Heisman Trophy honor, an award which represents the most outstanding college football player in the United States.

Despite his performances on the field, Manziel has also created headlines off of it. Manziel was arrested in June 2012 and was charged with three misdemeanors from a brawl courtesy of College Station, Texas. Manziel has also been known to party. He was also kicked out of a University of Texas fraternity party. Maybe his association with hip-hop recording artist Drake excites you. So basically, Manziel has received scrutiny for being a college student. If that's the case then we should all be under a microscope because that is exactly what college entails. It's what we do. College grants young adults the opportunity to explore the world with a new found freedom, and Manziel is exploring his boundaries, as well as, escaping the pocket once it collapses every Saturday Afternoon.

Manziel has the potential to be a star at the next level, and that's a risk the Jets should be willing to take. He makes things happen. The only concerns I have about Manziel revolve around his frame and his instinct to avoid pressure in which he will have to be directed to slide down early in his career to preserve his future, but weight training and a coaching staff should modify these concerns.

The Jets first pick resides at the 18th pick, and due to Manziel's promise, the Jets will have to move up to acquire him. This actually might be one of those quarterbacks that Ryan would appreciate, because Manziel would definitely embody and accept what it means to be a "Jet" in a conspicuous fashion. This actually might be one of those quarterbacks that could contribute in composing enough points for Ryan's defense to work less, developing more wins. Manziel actually might be one of those quarterbacks who we won't question following the end of the year for unemployment. The Jets will never know unless they take a chance.


New York Jets Win Battle of The Brothers

Teams in all sports talk about familiarity of the opposition. It could be sibling rivalries among the players or coaches. It could be the history of franchises. Who has the advantage when they face each other? It's a high stake game of poker when the match ups occur. That's exactly what took place Sunday at MetLife Stadium, when the New York Jets hosted the New Orleans Saints on a crisp and windy afternoon. Jets head coach Rex Ryan going against the high flying offense of Sean Payton. The Saints defense orchestrated by Rob Ryan, brother of Rex. You know there was a lot of trash talking (and a big bet) between the two prior to kick-off.

After some confusion as to who won the coin toss (Saints had to correct the ref), the Jets elected to give New Orleans the first possession. New York did everything to help the Saints get on the scoreboard first. They committed 2 penalties and gave up a 25-yard Drew Brees pass play getting them within field goal range. Fortunately for the Jets, Saints kicker Garrett Hartley missed the 43-yard attempt. After going three and out on their first possession, the Jets came up with the first turnover of the game. Brees, looking for tight end Jimmy Graham didn't see safety Dawan Landry blanketing him. Landry tips the pass and linebacker Demario Davis dives for the interception before the ball hits the turf. Running back Chris Ivory breaks a run for 27 yards leading to a Nick (AutomatNick) Folk 39 yard field goal.

The Jets next chance to get their second interception failed and it cost them in a big way. Saints Wide receiver Robert Meachem has a Brees pass bounce off his chest. Davis has the ball tip off his hands as Meacham has the concentration and presence of mind to haul in the ball. Four plays later, Brees strikes with 51-yard touchdown pass to Graham and a 7-3 lead. New York could not get anything going in the first quarter and began the second deep on its own 4-yard line.

Jets rookie QB Geno (Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde) Smith missed on 7 of his first 9 pass attempts but his running back Chris Ivory (18 rushes for 139 against his old team) picked up the offensive slack. His 52 yard run resulted in Folk's second field goal from 21 yards out. Brees extended the lead to 14-6 by picking on veteran cornerback Antonio Cromartie who first trips over Meacham's foot as he hauls in a 60 yard pass. Graham comes up with his second touchdown outreaching the shorter Cromartie for a 10 yard touchdown. Cromartie would get a little redemption as he picked off Brees right before the half. This time Smith lets his legs do the talking. After connecting on passes of 13 and 21 yards getting them down to the 3-yard line, Smith fakes the handoff and runs it in for the 20-14 lead.

Chris-Ivory-destroyed his former team on Sunday Credit Mike Henringuez

RB Chris Ivory destroyed his former team on Sunday. Photo Credit: Mike Henringuez

Said Smith of the play, "we had an opportunity to score right before the half. It really elevated us. Not only did we get points, it gave us some momentum."

Both teams lost key players to injuries. The Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley (elbow) and Saints running back Darren Sproles (concussion) would not return.

Smith's hot hand continued (8-19, 115 yards) as they got the ball to begin the third. He hooked up with wide receiver Greg Salas for a 44-yard completion as Folk nailed a 47-yard field goal extending the lead to 23-14. The onus now fell on the defense as Brees lit them up for 230 and 2 touchdowns in the first half. Although the Saints dominated the time of possession, they could only come up with 3 points after a 9-minute drive resulted in a booming 55 yard field goal by Hartley getting within 6 at 23-17. Folk added to the lead with yet another field goal, this time 47 yards to begin the final quarter. The Saints answered after Hartley's field goal (43 yards) but needed 11 plays to get on the board as the defense held for the 26-20 win.

After getting their doors blown out last week against the Bengals, the Jets in their up and down, win one lose one year won't have to worry about losing next week as they have a bye.

"I beat my brother again," kidded Rex at the start of his postgame press conference.

The defense did give up 366 yards in the air but Ryan was still impressed to holding the Saints high powered offense to only 20 points.

"It's a great sign for us. Looking at this game, we knew it was going to be tough. I've got a team that believes and will fight to the end."

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Jets In For A Long Year

It seems like forever since Rex Ryan was hired to coach the New York Jets with the promise of turning the franchise around. After drafting QB Mark Sanchez and surrounding him with seasoned veterans on both sides of the ball, Ryan's philosophy seemed to work. The ground and pound offense and suffocating defense saw them go to two straight AFC Championship games to the surprise of everyone. The last two years saw them revert to the pre-Ryan days of not making the playoffs.

There were reports that the locker-room was in total disarray as players bickered with each other on and off the field. The result was the firing of GM Mike Tannenbaum with many Jets fans wanting Ryan to follow him out the door. Owner Woody Johnson hired John Idzik to replace Tannenbuam and got the go ahead to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis who was coming off major knee surgery and was looking to redo his contract. The trade went through and Revis was shipped off to Tampa.


Draft night saw Idzik pick two offensive linemen Brian Winters and Oday Aboushi, cornerback Dee Milliner to replace Revis and quarterback Geno Smith that had the draftniks shaking their heads. When the Jets do take the field on Sunday, they will be without Sanchez who had his throwing shoulder busted in a meaningless pre-season game against the Giants. Why was he in the game late in the 4th quarter with the second unit offensive line? Why was it so important for the Jets to win that game? Smith was thoroughly outplayed by Sanchez during training camp but starts by default. Late Monday they signed veteran quarterback Brady Quinn. Smith will be on a short leash and will surely be pulled if he and the offense struggles.

Offensively the Jets will be challenged as they have no wide receiver that scares any defense. Santonio Holmes, a great talent, but one of the biggest divisive players on the roster, is coming off surgery and more than likely will miss the first couple of games. They cut veteran Braylon Edwards who was attempting his third stint with the team. They are hoping Stephen Hill, Jeremy Kerley and tight end Jeff Cumberland can get them to stretch the field. The offensive line is solid with center Nick Mangold and left tackle D' Brickashaw Ferguson and they will have to be on the top of their games if running back Bilal Powell and fullback Tommy Bohanan are going to have any success.

Defensively, Ryan again boasted that they will be in the Top 5. Where have we heard that before? Antonio Cromartie anchors the secondary and it will be interesting to see if Milliner can take up where Revis left off. No doubt he will be tested early and often. The linebacker corpse of Garrett McIntyre, Demario Davis and David Harris will be hard-pressed to stop the run and put pressure on the opposing quarterback.

The turmoil that ended last season costing jobs and the uncertainty of the current roster did nothing to suggest the Jets will be the team that had the success they had in Ryan's first two years. It will be the third straight year they will not make the playoffs and no one would be surprised if Ryan is fired before the year is over. This has all the making of a 5-11 year.

The team opens up the season against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers on Sunday at Met Life Stadium.


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