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Melba Moore Receives a Living Legend Award at Black History Month Celebration

Tony Award-winning and Grammy-nominated actress/singer Melba Moore was deemed a Living Legend at HealthFirst's annual Black History Month celebration.

A humble soul, Melba Moore told What's The 411TV host, Glenn Gilliam, "I am glad that I chose to be an entertainer and a community servant."

Glenn acknowledged that Melba Moore has received many awards and accolades throughout her lifetime, and wondered if receiving a Living Legend award gave her goose-bumps.

Melba Moore responded, "Not goose-bumps...I'm a Christian and it's our mission to be useful and to serve and they're letting me know that I am of some use. It's very, very important."

Melba Moore is looking forward to performing in the New York area. So Melba Moore fans, here is your opportunity. In June, she will be performing in McDonald's Gospel Fest with all the "women of worship" and at the Metropolitan Room in June.

Wondering, like Glenn Gilliam, if Melba Moore is still based in New York? She didn't waste any time answering the question.

"I'm still based in New York," she responded. "I was born here and you can't put me out!"

Check out the video interview with Melba Moore.

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Mark Jaffe and Greater New York Chamber of Commerce Celebrate Black History Month

Each February the braintrust at HealthFirst, a leading free and low-cost health insurance provider, brings together great corporate partners and civic leaders to celebrate Black History Month.

As the highlight of the proceedings, industry leaders of business, entertainment, civics, medicine, and trailblazers of every type and walk of life are honored by the legendary news anchor, Bill McCreary with the Living Legends Awards.

The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce is a perennial partner with HealthFirst and works with over 20,000 businesses and civic leaders from its Midtown NYC headquarters.

The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Jaffe was a co-host with Bill McCreary along with award-winning journalist for NY 1 News and acclaimed author, Cheryl Wills.

Mark Jaffe is a public health advocate and sits on several health boards and councils because having a healthy society is good for business.

Check out my interview with Mark Jaffe


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INTERVIEW: Irving Burgie aka "Lord Burgess" Songwriter of Harry Belafonte Hit Song, Day-O | What’s The 411TV

Irving Burgie aka Lord Burgess, the songwriter of the song, Day O, made famous by Harry Belafonte, spoke with What's The 411TV host, Glenn Gilliam, at a HealthFirst Black History Month celebration on February 27, 2014.

Born in Brooklyn, NY to a Bajan aka Barbadian mother, and an American father from Virginia, Lord Burgess, who will be turning 90 years-old in July is delighted that people still like his songs. Although people still like his songs, don’t expect Lord Burgess to write any new songs. Lord Burgess jokingly, but seriously stated, he is “getting ready to retire.”

As for any recent contact with Harry Belafonte, Lord Burgess stated, “oh, we pass each other in the night.”


UPDATE: Irving Burgess aka Lord Burgess passed away on November 29, 2019.

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