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How to Transition from Summer to Fall Makeup

Summer will soon be over and fall will be upon us, but healthy, glowing skin will never go out of style with the seasons.

Here are a few tips on transitioning your summer looks to the fall this season

1. Instead of glossy or stained lips and use a deep berry lip color.

2. Trade in nude and bronze eye shadows for decadent shades of plums and wine for the eyes.

3. Summer nails were filled with bright crayon box colors. For fall nude nail color is best for a subtle sophisticated look, and burgundy nails are a great color for dramatizing the nails.

4. Replace tinted moisturizer with a skin fix adding more coverage if needed. Use foundation with SPF. The sun's UV rays are all year round, regardless of the season, so remember to always protect your skin.

5. Hydration ad moisturizing! I have emphasized this on every beauty review! During the summer months, skin tends to be more supple and drier in the winter months. Make sure you moisturize with virgin coconut oil, hydrated lotions, such a Eucerin and Aquaphor to keep skin smooth and winterized. And drink plenty of lemon water daily!!!!

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Decisions, Decisions: Should Women Wear Makeup?

The choice to wear makeup or not to wear makeup is a very individual decision, and should not be based on any external reference except the woman's personal preference.

Women wear makeup (or don't wear makeup) for many different reasons. Some women choose to wear makeup every day, and some wear makeup only on special occasions. It's her choice.

The key point is that whether women choose to wear a lot or a little, whether a woman enjoys the process of applying makeup or doesn't enjoy it at all – as long as women know that their value is not tied to the perfect application of her cosmetics, then it's all good.

Are Make-up and Cosmetics Necessary to Enhance Beauty and Confidence?

The creativity, fun, and power in wearing makeup are positive factors for boosting a woman's confidence. Equally true is being able to go out sans makeup and still feel beautiful is a confidence booster.

At the end of the day, to wear makeup or not to wear makeup is simply your choice.

What are your thoughts?

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