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Will Hill in the What's The 411Sports Dog House

This week, What's the 411Sports host, Bianca Peart, puts former New York Giants safety Will Hill in the What's the 411Sports Dog House.

The Giants cut Hill after he violated the NFL'S drug policy for the third time.

What's the 411Sports host, Glenn Gilliam, came to Hill's defense until he heard more of Hill's background.

Do you think the New York Giants should have cut Will Hill?

Check out the video for discussion about former New York Giants safety Will Hill.

Jimmy Haslem Tells Johnny Manziel to Stop the Partying

JOHNNY MANZIEL is certainly making his presence felt in Cleveland since he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns.

First it's Browns owner Jimmy Haslem telling Johnny Football that "this isn't Hollywood," and "you're the backup." Next it was the uproar over a photo Manziel took while enjoying his Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas. Now the Browns have put Manziel behind Tyler Thigpen, making him the third string quarterback.

Is Manziel's treatment as an NFL rookie, fair or foul?

Check out this video as What's The 411Sports reporter Greg Alcala comes to Johnny Manziel's defense.


Teddy Bridgewater Exudes with Confidence at NFL Draft 2014

"You are setting the bar high," What's The 411Sports host, Glenn Gilliam, said upon greeting NFL Minnesota Vikings Draftee, Teddy Bridgewater.

Was there a team you felt more of a connection with going into the pro (NFL) workouts?

"I felt the same about every team," Teddy Bridgewater, an NFL Draftee, said about his NFL pro workouts. "That's amazing. You hear stories about guys feeling uncomfortable in one environment, at one organization, but with me, every team I visited, every team that I worked out for, I left there feeling the same."

So how does Bridgewater feel about which type of offense would suit him best?

"I can play in any offense," Bridgewater said with confidence. "I'm coachable, so I will be able to adjust to great coaching; tough coaching; soft coaching; an I formation offense; a shotgun spread offense; option offense, anything. I am just that multiple and that gifted.

All of the NFL draftees were looking rather dapper; so which designer was Bridgewater wearing?

"I can't even tell you, but I know it's from Saks Fifth Ave," he responded.

Inspired by Kevin Durant? 

Since everyone was talking about Oklahoma City Thunder guard Kevin Durant's NBA MVP acceptance speech, Glenn Gilliam asked Teddy Bridgewater if he received any inspiration from Kevin Durant's speech.

"Kevin Durant is my favorite athlete," Bridgewater responded. "I feel like he and I are somewhat similar; how special his mom is in his life and how special my mom is. He is down to earth and very humble. He is one of the greatest athletes in the NBA and he doesn't get the credit for it. I feel that he and I relate in those ways that I admire him and everything he said about his mom and his teammates stands out."

Check out video with Teddy Bridgewater 

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What's The 411Sports Episode 3: Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Johnny Manziel and more

VIDEO CONVERSATION: Johnny Manziel, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Pam Oliver and more

What's The 411Sports Episode 3 featured a discussion of the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers losing season; Phil Jackson coming to New York, Michael Jordan's earnings for 2013; the NFL contemplating allowing the use of medical marijuana; Michael Sam declining an invitation to the White House Correspondents Dinner; who's going to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship; and where will Johnny Manziel land in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The featured interview was with Fox Sports Analyst, Pam Oliver. The interview took place at Media Row during the NFL's Super Bowl media week.

What's The 411Sports is hosted by Bianca Peart and Glenn Gilliam.

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Seattle Seahawks Upset the Denver Broncos in a Stunning 43-8 Defeat

Super Bowl 48 Has Eerie Similarities to Super Bowl 22
Well documented into the history books as of Sunday night, February 2, 2014, is one of the most notable and celebrated sporting events, the Super Bowl, the grand finale to America's version of football.

A food-fueled spectator sport, straightaway, we should all begin to strategize our weight-loss plans because of the substantial amount of wings and pizza pies we all have consumed on one night to celebrate the game of the flying pigskin.

Now back to the game.

As this NFL season progressed and playoffs developed, unveiled was the best defense in the NFL courtesy of the Seattle Seahawks and the best offense in the NFL stemming from the Denver Broncos.

From the opening snap, the Seattle Seahawks exhibited its all-pro defense.

The Seahawks defense, also known as "The Legion of Boom", irritated and rattled Broncos future Hall Of Fame Quarterback Peyton Manning enough to induce 2 interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown by the MVP recipient, LB Malcolm Smith which extended the Seahawks lead to 22-0 with 3:21 remaining until halftime.
Manning's record-setting 34 completions was not enough to outweigh the destruction that his missed snap, 2 interceptions and lost fumbled caused.

On the other hand, Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson was cool, calm, and collected, completing 18 of 25 passing attempts for 206 yards and two touchdowns, drifting left and right, scrambling and extending plays without a flaw to his name.

At the end of the day, the most publicized and media-crowned QB for this event did not get crowned the champion in his brother's backyard. Even What's The 411Sports reporter, Andrew Rosario, picked the Broncos to win. Rosario thought the young team could not defeat the experienced Peyton Manning.


When the Super Bowl clock wound down, the Seahawks won in convincing and dominating fashion, 43 to the Broncos 8.

In a game where conventional wisdom favored one side, the unexpected prevailed; and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson stood victoriously and not Denver's Peyton Manning.

The story lines and end result of Super Bowl 48 draw comparisons to Super Bowl XXII, Super Bowl 22 for all the non-Romans.

A Super Bowl that the baby boom generation and perhaps, Gen Xers, can relate to more than the casual and modern football enthusiasts.

Let's set the scene. In the days leading up to the showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego California on January 31st, 1988, the media hype exalted John Elway to King of Football.

This was also a time when African Americans were beginning to see more action at the quarterback position in the NFL. Naturally, most bets were on Elway; just as in this Super Bowl contest, few were betting against Manning.

As history shows, the Redskins won that game in dominating fashion just like the Seahawks did this past Sunday. Doug Williams and his team eliminated any means of a competitive contest accumulating 42 points to John Elway and the Denver Broncos' 10.

With that victory, Williams became the first African American to win a Super Bowl. Williams was a backup quarterback who finally received an opportunity replacing the struggling first string quarterback Jay Schroeder, en route to making history.

Sunday's events recorded the second African American Quarterback to win the Super Bowl in Russell Wilson.

The 1988 Broncos were heavily favored to defeat the Redskins just like the 2014 Broncos were also favored to a great degree to up-end the Seahawks.

The 1988 Broncos featured an all-time great at the Quarterback position in John Elway who led this organization to their second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, third overall in the franchise's history.

That season, Elway threw for 3309 yards, 17 touchdowns with a quarterback rating of 71.4.

In the 2014 NFL season, Manning threw for 5,477 yards 55 touchdowns with a quarterback rating of 115.1.
Both Broncos quarterbacks in their respective Super Bowls were acknowledged as exuding nothing short of being perfect and superior to the quarterbacks who wore the opposite jersey.

Few expected the Redskins to upset the Broncos. Who could have predicted Doug Williams would lead his team to victory with 9 of 11 pass completions and his record-setting four-touchdown production in a quarter, in Super Bowl 22? Similarly, no one expected Russell Wilson to exhibit a spotless performance completing 18 of 25 pass attempts for two touchdown completions, amassing over 200 yards to achieve the same result.

Like Elway's 14 completions in 38 attempts, throwing one touchdown and three interceptions in Super Bowl 22, contributing to the inevitable loss, no one expected Manning to complete 34 passes, 1 touchdown also throwing 2 interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown, suffering the same result as his elder.

Like Super Bowl 22 and 48, no one expected these two defenses to individually control the outcome of the game by thoroughly compressing two great offenses into submission.

These two Super Bowls failed to satisfy conventional wisdom. However, they did generate some of the most compelling and historic story lines in the history of the NFL.

Ruth J. Morrison contributed to this article


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Richard Sherman Names NFL Great Receivers


Confidence No Stranger to Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman 

ANDREW ROSARIO: Does it help you at all to have not a dislike, but to have something that you don't like about your opponent to help your game?

RICHARD SHERMAN: I think it does help to have a certain attitude and a certain mindset about your opponent especially to play defender to play corner and to be out there on the island. KAM CHANCELLOR calls it the dark place and he has a really dark place that he goes. I really don't want to go there. Listen there's some fantastic receivers out there CALVIN JOHNSON, JOSH GORDON, DEMARYIUS, ANDRE JOHNSON, LARRY FITZGERALD, MICHAEL FLOYD, DEZ BRYANT. There's a lot of great receivers playing great football out there, 2 great receivers playing in Chicago in BRANDON MARSHALL and those guys do a great job. In Green Bay they got receivers. I respect the tremendous amount of receivers because they play the game well and they play the game like they suppose too.

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What’s The 411: NFL Wrap-up Week #3 Upon Further Review

New York, NY - And then there were three! If Week Three is any indication of the kind of football year it will be, both betters and bookies are going to be in for a long, expensive year.

Let's start with the three teams that remained undefeated: One again, the Arizona Cardinals shocked everyone when they stomped the visiting Philadelphia Eagles 27-6 getting off to their best start in 38 years. The Eagles entered the game with the best offense after two games, even though both games were won by a total of two points. Arizona forced two Michael Vick fumbles, one returned for a 93-yard touchdown by James Sanders. The Cardinals pressured Vick all game, sacking him five times as he misfired on 20 of 37 pass attempts. Cards QB Kevin Kolb, once a member of the Eagles, passed for 222 yards on 17 of 24 attempts and two touchdowns. The Cardinals have now won their last seven home games. They have only done that one other time in team history. They host the Miami Dolphins Sunday. Philadelphia will play its first division game of the year when it hosts the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants...

The Houston Texans joined the 3-0 club the hard way going on the road sending Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos to its second straight loss 31-25. The Texans QB Matt Schaub threw four touchdowns and Arian Foster ran for 105 yards on 25 carries. As a franchise, Houston has never begun a year winning its first three games. Up next, the Texans host the Tennessee Titans. Speaking of the Titans, the team came away with the craziest win of the weekend over the Lions in overtime 44-41...

To finish off the victorious trifecta we travel west to find the Atlanta Falcons visiting the San Diego Chargers. Both teams came into game undefeated but the Falcons rode the arm of QB Matt (Matty Ice) who threw three touchdowns to three different receivers connecting on 30 of 40 passes for 275 yards. Atlanta comes home to host Carolina while San Diego looks to regroup as it travels to Kansas City...The same Chiefs team that kept New Orleans out of the win column despite falling behind 24-6 with little more than six minutes to go in the third quarter. From that point on, KC did not give up another point and did not allow a Drew Brees (20-36, 240 yards) pass completion in all of the fourth quarter or overtime in their 27-24 win...The Saints joined the Cleveland Browns (they may not win a game this season) as the only winless team when they hosted the Buffalo Bills. The ugliest game of the weekend was as exciting as watching paint dry especially after Buffalo lost its leading rusher in CJ Spiller. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for more than 200 yards and three touchdowns, including a 32-yard screen pass that Spiller turned into a touchdown. Soon after, Spiller would get tackled after a first quarter run, landing on his shoulder ending his day. He is not expected to play next Sunday when they face division rival New England...The Patriots may well will be playing without head coach Bill Belichick who made contact with a referee at the conclusion of its 31-30 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. After a game winning 27-yard field goal by Ravens Justin Tucker that just cleared the right goal post, Bellichick attempted to get the attention of a ref. The "Hoodie" tugged at the ref who continued to run off the field. Belichick also questioned calls during the game. Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith was playing with a heavy heart a day after his 19 year-old brother Tevin Jones died in a motorcyle accident the day before. Smith caught 2 touchdown passes. The Ravens have a short week as they host those lowly Browns...Looking like the most dominant team coming into week three, the San Francisco 49ers visited the Minnesota Vikings. Another week and another suicide pool upset. The Vikings saw QB Christian Ponder run for one touchdown and throw for two more in their 24-13 victory. The 9ers were coming off impressive victories over Green Bay and Detroit but could not get anything going consistently on offense or defense. San Fran now has to travel cross country to face a New York Jets team coming off the second ugliest game of the weekend. When the Jets face the Miami Dolphins, games are usually entertaining coming down to the last possession that determines the outcome. Not Sunday in South Florida. The Jets did come away with a win in overtime (the third OT game of the day) but not after both teams did everything they could to give the game away. Dropped touchdown passes, shaky running, pass defense and costly penalties plagued both squads. Making matter worse for Gang Green was losing Darrelle Revis for the rest of the year with a torn ACL in his left knee. The Jets defense is clearly not the same without Revis in the lineup. That was evident after he came out of the home opener win against Buffalo and in the loss against the Steelers the following week due to a concussion. New York may be 2-0 (2-1 overall) in its division but the schedule starting next week is brutal...The other New York team, the Football Giants could not have had a better extended break after routing the Panthers last Thursday night. Big Blue was without four offensive starters (David Diehl, Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks and Dominic Hixon) but the defense suffocated Carolina's Cam Newton all night while the offensive back-ups led by Eli Manning stepped up big in the 36-7 scorching. Newton, who is just as dangerous with his legs as he is with his arm, only ran for six yards on six attempts. Cam was picked off three times while Manning (27-35 288 yards) had all day to find his receivers. Andre Brown ran for 113 yards on 20 carries and two TDs. Ramses Barden hauled in nine passes for 138 yards and one touchdown. The health of the four and whether or not they will be available against Philadelphia has not been determined yet...The Raiders and Jacksonville got into the win column by beating the Steelers and Indianapolis respectfully. Oakland trailed by 10 (31-21) late in the third but shut out Pittsburgh the rest of the game. Seven touchdown passes were thrown (4 by Pittsburgh 3 by Oakland) while the Raiders Darren McFadden gained 113 on 18 carries and one touchdown in the 34-31 OT win. The Steelers get a bye next week while Oakland travels to Denver...The Jags turned back the Colts 22-17 as Maurice Jones-Drew ran for 177 yards on 25 carries and one touchdown. The Colts wasted a passing performance by Andrew Luck who threw for 313 yards and one touchdown. Like the Steelers, the Colts have a bye while the Jags host the Bengals...Dallas improves to 2-1 with an unimpressive win (16-10) in its home opener over Tampa Bay (1-2)...Same for the Bears (2-1) who dropped the Rams (1-2) 23-6 in a game that saw Chicago's Major Wright return a int 45 yards with the score 13-6 extending the lead...The Bears travel to Dallas next Monday night while the Rams host Seattle...Finally, those Seahawks and Packers finished off week three with a rock'em, sock'em affair Monday night that ended in the most bizarre fashion in recent NFL history. Packers QB Aaron Rogers was sacked seven times in the first half as Green Bay was kept off the scoreboard in the first half (7-0). The Packers returned the favor shutting out Seattle in the third quarter while taking the lead kicking two field goals and a touchdown to take a lead (12-6) until the very last possession. If the play that ended the game does not wake up the NFL hierarchy to end the ref lockout, nothing will. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson throws up a Hail-Mary pass in the direction of wide receiver Golden Tate. Just before Tate jumps up, he clearly pushes Sam Shield in the back (with both hands) driving him to the turf. Tate and Packers MD Jennings rise at the same time and it appeared that Jennings came up with the interception (the TV replays shows the ball pressed against Jennings chest) but as they crash to the ground, Tate is awarded possession and the game winning touchdown. The backlash, as a result of the game, will be talked about the rest year even when and if the dispute between the NFL and referee union is resolved.

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