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Mo'ne Davis, Mariah Carey, J. Lo, Kevin Hart News and more

In this episode of What's The 411, we are talking to about:

1. Congratulations to Mo'Ne Davis! She is the first girl to win a game at the Little League World Series and to pitch a shutout in Little League World Series history. She is also the first Little League player to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine as a Little League Player.

2. Congratulations are also in order for the Jackie Robinson West Little League team for winning the Little League national championships.It is the first all African-American Little League team to win the national title and to represent the U.S, in the Little League World Series

3. NFL is suggesting that the Half-time performers at the Super Bowl should pay the NFL to perform. The NFL's reasoning is that the acts go on to reap huge financial benefits after the Super Bowl gig. Rita Obi seems to think that the NFL proposal is a good idea. However, Chris Graham thinks it's ridiculous, the NFL makes enough money on the Super Bowl. In the past, musical guests did not get paid by the NFL to perform and have performed mainly for publicity.

4. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Breakup

5. Jay Z & Beyonce Punked Their Fans With Divorce Rumors

6. Kevin Hart Engaged the Same Day that his Ex-Wife's Show Premieres

7. Fashion on the Red Carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards showcasing J. Lo; Nicki Minaj; Jordin Sparks; Kylie and Kendall Jenner

8. Kareem Abdul Jabbar Says Classism Trumps Racism or in other words, Racism is Over, It's Classism, Stupid!

9. The family of Anna Short Harrington, the woman who was the inspiration for much of the Aunt Jemima imagery, is suing Pepsi Co. and its subsidiary the Quaker Oats Co., along with the Pinnacle Foods Group and the Hillshire Brands Co. for use of Ms. Harrington's Likeness for profit without proper payment

10. Tren'Ness Woods-Black Talks About the Legacy of her Grandmother, Sylvia Woods

Who's Being Called on the Carpet:

1. P. Diddy Gets Called on the Carpet for Calling out President Obama for Not Speaking up about the police Shooting Death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

2. Rapper 50 Cent Gets Called On The Carpet for Immaturity and Ignorance about Literacy



New York Jets' Preseason Chatter

WATCH VIDEO: What's The 411Sports team have a spirited conversation about the New York Jets prospects and standing

The young guns seem to think that the Jets need to do less talking and more action on the field that lead to a win.

What's The 411Sports host, Glenn Gilliam, says that Rex Ryan speaking his mind is displaying the type of leadership that a team should have.

Gregory Alcala and Chris Graham don't seem to have much faith in Geno Smith.

Greg even thinks that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is better than Geno Smith.

Chris would like for Michael Vick to lead the team.

Do you have faith in Geno Smith?

Your thoughts about the Jets' prospects for this season?

Do you think the New York Jets will make it to the playoffs?

Could the New York Jets be Super Bowl bound?

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NFL Hall of Fame Induction 2014



 The What's The 411Sports team are talking about the NFL Hall of Fame 2014, and NFL Hall of Famers, Michael Strahan and Andre Reed.

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Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson Gets Hefty Contract Extension

WATCH VIDEO: Patrick Peterson: Are NFL Cornerbacks Getting More Respect

Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson just became the highest paid cornerback in the NFL.

Peterson and the Cardinals agreed to a five-year, $70-million contract extension.

Peterson's contract tops the four-year, $56-million deal the Seattle Seahawks gave Richard Sherman a few months ago.

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In The Doghouse: Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon

WATCH VIDEO: IN THE DOGHOUSE: Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon

Every week, What's The 411Sports puts a person or organization in the Dog House. This week, Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon get the honors.

NCAA Football is banning Levi Copelin, wide receiver, Missouri, from playing football for the entire 2014-15 season for using banned substances.

Cleveland Browns' wide receiver, Josh Gordon, is facing a suspension after failing a second drug test.

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Patriot Fans Cheering Gronkowski Cleared to Play

WATCH VIDEO: What's The 411Sports on Rob Gronkowski's Return

The What's The 411Sports team discuss Rob Gronkowski's potential to help Tom Brady and the New England Patriots now that he is cleared to play.

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NFL Pre-Season Player Ranking Lists Are Biased

NFL Pre-Season Rankings Becoming an Irritant

Every year before the NFL season starts, the player ranking lists make their way to the public consciousness.

Glenn Gilliam, Host, What's The 411Sports, is not happy about the latest NFL player rankings. He's concerned that Russell Wilson, despite winning the Super Bowl last year, is being ranked too low.

He also feels Geno Smith, a rookie quarterback with the New York Jets, received no love even though he helped the New York Jets attain an 8-8 record with no real offensive help.

Chris Graham believes that Geno Smith has more room to grow this year with Michael Vick behind him. 

Give the young guns aka new jacks, the praise they so rightfully deserve.

On the other hand, What's The 411Sports reporter Gregory Alcala is a bit more cautious; he feels that we should wait to see what else the new jacks accomplish.

However, when asked would he start a new team with the new jacks or the old heads; Gregory said he would go with the newer players.

Who would be on your team, new players or the older guys?

VIDEO: Join in the conversation


Johnny Manziel is in the Doghouse, Again

Every week, there is always someone behaving badly or NOT, depending on your point of view.

This week, What's The 411Sports reporter Bianca Peart, who was away by the way, put Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel in absentia. She left the rest of the team to debate whether Johnny Manziel belonged in the doghouse.

What's your take on Johnny Manziel?

Check out the video for the Johnny Manziel Debate. #411DogHouse


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