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Designer Accuses Khloe Kardashian of Copying her Work

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Khloe Kardashian's newest fashion venture brings claims of intellectual property infringement by designer Destiney Bleu

Designer Destiney Bleu, the woman behind dbleudazzled, which specializes in custom crystallized clothing, says Khloe Kardashian's Good American clothing line is too similar to dbleudazzled.

Re-tweeting Kardashian’s video, which shows off Kardashian’s Good American clothing line, Bleu wrote, “When someone buys 1 of everything on your site, has you make them custom @dbleudazzled work, never posts it or wears it, then copies it.”

Ms. Bleu is not only mad, she’s taking action, her work is trademarked and she has lawyered up.

We hope these ladies can work it out, cooperation is better than strict competition.

Meet Lisette Ffolkes: Millennial Apparel and Jewelry Designer

Designer Lisette Ffolkes details her journey to owning an apparel and jewelry design company, Jam and Rico

In this video interview, millennial apparel and jewelry designer, Lisette Ffolkes, talks with What's The 411 host, Kizzy Cox, about her journey to owning an apparel and jewelry design company, Jam and Rico.

Lisette's jewelry is designed to bring joy, confidence, and beauty to everyone who wears them. With parents from Jamaica and Puerto Rico, Lisette takes inspiration from her Caribbean heritage and culture, most of all, color, print, texture, food, and music. Lisette's first jewelry collection for Jam and Rico delivers on its promise to be fun, light, and energetic.

Although Lisette's mother and aunts wanted her to get a secure job as a teacher or something related to education, Lisette followed her heart and passion to the field of design. Lisette credits internships and business women with her ability to follow her dream. She worked with three women entrepreneurs before creating her own design firm. Lisette's experience in working with these role models, including fashion designer, Tracy Reese, showed her that she could have a successful business. She also learned that there is a way to blend family and work and most of all, to be fearless. 

Lisette recognizes that connections are everything and she spends a good deal of time connecting with people as part of her marketing strategy.

So, Lisette, we wish you continued success.

Elegance of Africa Fashion Show

What's The 411TV correspondent Crystal Henderson spoke with African fashion designers at the Elegance of Africa Fashion Show, which was held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City.

First up is Okey Onugha, a Nigerian fashion designer specializing in men's fashions. He is followed by Sanemi, a 19 year-old fashion designer and student at the City College of New York, and Sir Charlezzzz of the House of Charlezzzz.


India de Beaufort Makes a Splash at Emerge Fashion Runway Show

Watch Video: India de Beaufort talks about her designs at a New York Fashion Week showcase

India de Beaufort, an actress/fashion designer, spoke to What's The 411's Barbara Bullard about her 'Ballyhoo' collection in the EMERGE! A Fashion Runway Show. Ballyhoo is inspired by India de Beaufort's love of all things period, all things Parisian, and her cherished and ever-growing collection of Vintage and Antique clothing.

EMERGE! A Fashion Runway Show is produced by Dionne Williams, Owner, D. Williams Public Relations Group. The EMERGE! A Fashion Runway Show has become one of the top emerging designer platforms during New York Fashion Week and has been consistent in providing a national outlet for emerging designers to showcase their work.

Michael Jerome Francis Makes a Fashion Statement: Save The Bees

Nature-friendly fashion designer Michael Jerome Francis wants to make his fashion statement LOUD and clear- "Take the material, make beautiful clothes, and turn it into something of value." Francis, a socially- conscious designer with a heavy emphasis on capturing moments around him, tells his story of imagination and childhood through fashion. He uses what's there and recycles into something new, Couture.

Nearly two weeks after DeZign InterventionTM and Creative Director Barbara Bullard hosted and sponsored an event for Michael's signature line, Save The Bees, he's already working on a new project. In a phone interview with What's The 411 reporter, Crystal Henderson, he spills the beans on this latest work, birthplace of Save The Bees and advice to new designers breaking into the world of fashion.

Check out the interview below.

What are some of the current projects you're working now on?

"Right now I'm working on my 'Daddy Queen' collection. It is basically an exploration of my heritage and my relationship with my father. My approach through fashion is always through storytelling. I researched the history of Jamaica and it includes the natives who were the Indians."

"So in celebrating that, I am doing a lot of weaving pieces that will be made into dresses and even jewelry. I want to make beautiful clothes, but it always has to come from a place of intention."

Where did the concept of Save The Bees originate?

"I envisioned a world where gardens were the new mansions. It's so rare that people travel long distances to be in a garden. So, in this place- nature and attention to materials that are around you are more important because there's very little. I created a lot of pieces that could be mixed and matched. All of these women were coming into a place and they were women who just had collected things. They're in this place where they'reforced to wear something they make."

"The idea of flowers were made out of leather remnants. You know how you go into a leather store, and they have those booklets with just leather samples? They were actually made from those samples because actually what happened to those is that- they get disposed after a season. Giving those flowers new life was just really exciting. That was one of the features of Save the Bees that I am most proud."

How do you keep up with the demand to always appeal to the newest and latest trend?

"I feel like it should come to a place where that all slows down. Fashion is more iconic. I want to produce high art. I want to be able to make those pieces that are manufacturable like with 'Save The Bees.' I want to create those timeless pieces that you say to yourself-I don't want to get rid of this jacket!"

"In couture, you have to have intellect. It has to be formed, functioned, and it has to be told through a story. It is the birthplace of ideas in the ecology of fashion."

What do you say to an aspiring fashion designer who has a corporate job, but wants to follow their passion?

"I feel like there has to be a passion for a person's art. If you feel, you need to do it. It may be difficult, but if you really have that passion, you won't be happy until you actually giveit a shot. I always want to be in the game, no matter how successful I am or not, I just always want to be a part of it."

For personal inquiries, please contact Michael Jerome Francis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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