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What’s The 411Sports Promo Video

Watch What's The 411Sports Promo Video


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What's The 411Sports is a weekly sports news and commentary television show produced by the Brooklyn-based independent television production company, What's The 411TV, which also produces What's The 411, an award-winning weekly entertainment and lifestyle television show.

The What's The 411Sports' promotional video consists of interviews with athletes from professional sports and college teams, sports executives, and fans.

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New York Jets' Preseason Chatter

WATCH VIDEO: What's The 411Sports team have a spirited conversation about the New York Jets prospects and standing

The young guns seem to think that the Jets need to do less talking and more action on the field that lead to a win.

What's The 411Sports host, Glenn Gilliam, says that Rex Ryan speaking his mind is displaying the type of leadership that a team should have.

Gregory Alcala and Chris Graham don't seem to have much faith in Geno Smith.

Greg even thinks that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is better than Geno Smith.

Chris would like for Michael Vick to lead the team.

Do you have faith in Geno Smith?

Your thoughts about the Jets' prospects for this season?

Do you think the New York Jets will make it to the playoffs?

Could the New York Jets be Super Bowl bound?

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In The Doghouse: Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon

WATCH VIDEO: IN THE DOGHOUSE: Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon

Every week, What's The 411Sports puts a person or organization in the Dog House. This week, Levi Copelin and Josh Gordon get the honors.

NCAA Football is banning Levi Copelin, wide receiver, Missouri, from playing football for the entire 2014-15 season for using banned substances.

Cleveland Browns' wide receiver, Josh Gordon, is facing a suspension after failing a second drug test.

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Patriot Fans Cheering Gronkowski Cleared to Play

WATCH VIDEO: What's The 411Sports on Rob Gronkowski's Return

The What's The 411Sports team discuss Rob Gronkowski's potential to help Tom Brady and the New England Patriots now that he is cleared to play.

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Teddy Bridgewater Exudes with Confidence at NFL Draft 2014

"You are setting the bar high," What's The 411Sports host, Glenn Gilliam, said upon greeting NFL Minnesota Vikings Draftee, Teddy Bridgewater.

Was there a team you felt more of a connection with going into the pro (NFL) workouts?

"I felt the same about every team," Teddy Bridgewater, an NFL Draftee, said about his NFL pro workouts. "That's amazing. You hear stories about guys feeling uncomfortable in one environment, at one organization, but with me, every team I visited, every team that I worked out for, I left there feeling the same."

So how does Bridgewater feel about which type of offense would suit him best?

"I can play in any offense," Bridgewater said with confidence. "I'm coachable, so I will be able to adjust to great coaching; tough coaching; soft coaching; an I formation offense; a shotgun spread offense; option offense, anything. I am just that multiple and that gifted.

All of the NFL draftees were looking rather dapper; so which designer was Bridgewater wearing?

"I can't even tell you, but I know it's from Saks Fifth Ave," he responded.

Inspired by Kevin Durant? 

Since everyone was talking about Oklahoma City Thunder guard Kevin Durant's NBA MVP acceptance speech, Glenn Gilliam asked Teddy Bridgewater if he received any inspiration from Kevin Durant's speech.

"Kevin Durant is my favorite athlete," Bridgewater responded. "I feel like he and I are somewhat similar; how special his mom is in his life and how special my mom is. He is down to earth and very humble. He is one of the greatest athletes in the NBA and he doesn't get the credit for it. I feel that he and I relate in those ways that I admire him and everything he said about his mom and his teammates stands out."

Check out video with Teddy Bridgewater 

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Justin Tuck, Nelly and other Celebrities Take the Softball Field for Charity

New York Giants football player (NFL) Justin Tuck and hip hop star, Nelly, led their respective teams in a celebrity softball game at MCU Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Although the rain was on-again and off-again, the celebs didn't let a little rain stop them from raising money for charity and having a good time.


Celebs in attendance included: Justin Tuck, Nelly, Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Evander Holyfield; Baltimore Ravens defensive end, Chris Canty; Vinny Guadagnino from MTV's Jersey Shore; DJ and radio personality, DJ Enuff; and actor Kenny Johnson among others.

Collage Evander-Holyfield DJ-Enuff Vinny-G Chris-Canty MLB-All-Star-Weekend-Justin-Tuck Nelly Softball-Charity resized



Photo Credit: Ramona Miles

Videographer: Ramona Miles

Video Editor: Ruth J. Morrison

Thanks to Jesse Whitehead for the use of his camera.



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