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Onika McLean

Onika McLean

Onika McLean is president of Lexington Development Group and a co-host and assistant producer of What's The 411, where she focuses on the intersection of entertainment, pop culture, and politics. As president of Lexington Development Group, she helps small businesses to amplify their voices.

When Onika is not working, she enjoys sitting on the deck of her house on moonlit evenings with a glass of wine in her hand.


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Honey Boo Boo's Mom Goes to Marriage Boot Camp

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Mama June and her significant other will be joining Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Reality TV star Honey Boo Boo's parents will be on the upcoming season of the reality television show, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, along with Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta's, rapper Benzino and his wife Althea Heart, who are having a baby.

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Seven Obamacare Cases

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Religious Rights organizations pushing back against Obamacare despite Obama Administration concessions

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear oral arguments in seven cases brought against Obamacare. Several religious organizations claim that portions of Obamacare are in violation of the first amendment and Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

There is a portion of Obamacare that requires employers to pay for abortions and birth control.

However, accommodations have been made if an organization refuses to pay for said offending services, the secular portion of their organization or insurance carrier would cover the cost.

This has been no consolation prize for the religious organizations, and I quote "it's like taking the gun out of our hands and placing it in another"- the baby still gets shot.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in mid-March!

Let's keep a watch out for this case, as it will have a direct impact on families and the women's issue for the 2016 Presidential Election.

Dr. Ben Carson Calls Out The Media

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson believes media wants to sink his candidacy

Republican Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson is piping mad and declares that the media is out to paint him in a bad light and attempt to discredit him as a presidential candidate.

At a press conference in Florida, Dr. Carson went as far as scolding the media saying that "the American Public is waking up to your games" and he further stated, "this is going to turn out well for me."

Dr. Carson said that he is being treated unfairly; every word he speaks is being fact checked, and he is calling the media on the carpet because he doesn't recall the media scrutinizing Presidential Candidate Obama.

I think Dr. Carson forgot that Presidential Candidate Obama had to publicly denounce Pastor Wright.

Rapper Lil' Wayne Wants his Sex Tape Back

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. aka rapper Lil' Wayne- doesn't seem so little after all!

Millionaire rapper and music executive, Dwayne Michael Carter aka LiL' Wayne, is upset about the allegedly leaked sex tape being shown on Hollywood Street King.

Lil' Wayne's lawyers sent a cease and desist letter, which was obtained by TMZ; and the legal team has ordered Hollywood Street King to:

"immediately cease the use, exploitation, and/or distribution of the video and that it deliver all copies, including electronic copies, of same to us or destroy such copies immediately and that you desist from this or any other infringement of Mr. Carter's rights in the future."

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