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Rapper Lil' Wayne Wants his Sex Tape Back

Rapper and record executive, Lil' Wayne Rapper and record executive, Lil' Wayne

VIDEO DISCUSSION: Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. aka rapper Lil' Wayne- doesn't seem so little after all!

Millionaire rapper and music executive, Dwayne Michael Carter aka LiL' Wayne, is upset about the allegedly leaked sex tape being shown on Hollywood Street King.

Lil' Wayne's lawyers sent a cease and desist letter, which was obtained by TMZ; and the legal team has ordered Hollywood Street King to:

"immediately cease the use, exploitation, and/or distribution of the video and that it deliver all copies, including electronic copies, of same to us or destroy such copies immediately and that you desist from this or any other infringement of Mr. Carter's rights in the future."

Onika McLean

Onika McLean is president of Lexington Development Group and a co-host and assistant producer of What's The 411, where she focuses on the intersection of entertainment, pop culture, and politics. As president of Lexington Development Group, she helps small businesses to amplify their voices.

When Onika is not working, she enjoys sitting on the deck of her house on moonlit evenings with a glass of wine in her hand.