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Mets GM Sandy Alderson Singing “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” with Signing of Colon

New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson New York Mets GM Sandy Alderson

"Can't Stop, Won't Stop," seems enough of an appropriate title for this post due to the constant action the New York Mets are displaying, led by GM Sandy Alderson. The phrase "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" is more than a phrase used for motivation, it is also a novel, the title of an album by a group called The Maine and has served as the title for two songs from recording artists Usher and the Young Gunz. Now let's dive into what's significant and what is current at the moment. The Mets have agreed to a 2-year $20-million contract with free agent starting pitcher Bartolo Colon.

Toyota promotes the moving forward campaign and that's exactly what the Mets are executing. Met fans may miss Matt Harvey on the field in 2014; it is a tough steak to chew and digest. However, the signing of Colon has the potential to aid and provide the gravy we will need to digest that loss. Here's why: Colon, 40 years old (40 is the new 20 by the way, get over it) is coming off a year where he finished sixth in the AL CY Young voting. He also manufactured an All-Star appearance, an 18-6 record and a 2.65 ERA. Sounds good enough to me.

Colon was tested for PED's, suffering a suspension on August 22, 2012 for 50 games by the MLB police, who in the last decade has prioritized disinfecting MLB. Colon's resurgence with the New York Yankees, as Mr. Clean has only added to his stint with the Oakland Athletics, re-establishing his pitching prowess and his future with the Mets. This move further displays Alderson's understanding of the fan base and its desire to win now. He's fully taking on the challenge to resurrect the Mets franchise back to shades of 2006. Hopefully the addition of Colon relieves the Mets of finding a starter to replace Harvey while also fusing him with what's left of the starting rotation of Zack Wheeler, Dillon Gee and Jonathan Niese. The 5th spot in the rotation will now feature a competition between the likes of Jenrry Mejia, Carlos Torres and possibly farm-hand Rafael Montero. Colon's presence alone will have a positive impact on the next generation of arms that the Mets have at its disposal in a nurturing effect, with his pitching style in pounding the strike zone, which can influence many. Like Harvey's ascent to the majors, Colon's presence will provide enough time to thoroughly promote top pitching prospect Noah Syndergarrd to the big stage, a process which appeals to Alderson, as he very much dislikes rushing young talent.

All in all, the Mets are not done and they should not be satisfied with this recent player confirmation. The shortstop position must be addressed due to SS Ruben Tejada's inability to advance the ball past the infield. For positive momentum, as well as, finding a suitor to unload either 1B Ike Davis or Lucas Duda, preferably Davis, who has already uninspired and frustrated the fan base due to his struggles so early into his career. With OF's Chris Young, Curtis Granderson and now Colon in the mix, it sparks excitement to see who else we will welcome to the city that never sleeps. At this time, I guess the Mets are wide awake.