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Michelle Williams Checks into Mental Health Facility

Michelle Williams, checks herself into a mental health facility. Photo Credit: Getty Images Michelle Williams, checks herself into a mental health facility.

Michelle Williams takes a step to battle depression, a step that many evade or ignore

Recently, designer Kate Spade, and Anthony Bourdain, a celebrity chef and cultural curator, both committed suicide.

Michelle Williams, of Destiny’s Child fame, is choosing life and is taking another approach. For years, Williams has been coping with depression and with this current bout with the disease, she decided to check herself into a mental health facility to get help.

If you live in New York City and you or someone you know needs help with depression or any other mental illness, help is available through the Mental Health Hotline; call 1-888-NYC-Well.


On Saturday, July 28, 2018, Williams took to Instagram to thank her fans, friends, and supporters:

Michelle Williams of Destinys Child in mental health facility

Thank you ALL sooooooooooooooo much for every message of love and support sent! My family, friends and fiancé have been AWESOME! Sitting here reflecting on the past two weeks. I had no plans of what I was going through being public BUT now that it is I have a made an even BIGGER commitment to the mental health awareness area. So many people are suffering, hurting, hopeless, lost and don’t see a way out but there is. Depression sucks, but my faith in God and my commitment to doing the work to stay well is my way out! You have to do the work even when you’re tired and feel the heaviness. Take one step at a time! Don’t overwhelm yourself. If you can just get up out the bed and brush your teeth and shower.....DO IT. For people dealing with depression , that is a HUGE step! Now don’t be depressed AND stinky.....pick a struggle! ? (y’all know I had to add some humor) Anyhoo.....I love you all very much! Talk soon! ❤️ (yes I need a fill and my roots need to be flat ironed....bye.....I haven’t lost my humor) ❤️ Oh......Miss Tina cooked a HUGE meal for me the other night too, I just wanted to make y’all jealous! ??♀️