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Aeromobil is Taking Flying Cars to New Heights

The Aeromobil evo10 flying car from Slovakia Photo Credit: Aeromobil The Aeromobil evo10 flying car from Slovakia

Flying cars are becoming all the rage.

A few years ago, the New York International Auto Show featured a flying car, Terrafugia's Transition.

Now, straight out of Slovakia, there's the Aeromobil, a swing-wing, six-meter-long steel and carbon-fiber flying car. Designed and built in Slovakia, the Aeromobil has a flight range of 543 miles or can drive with a top speed of up to 124 mph or 200 km/h.

It can also take off inside 300 meters (ideally on grass) and land within 50 meters, making it highly flexible. Good thing because Stefan Klein and Juraj Vaculik, the founders of Aeromobil, say that the largest potential market for the flying car are emerging markets in Africa and Asia where many roads are in poor shape.

Hey, they need to check out the roads in New York City.

Last modified onSunday, 16 November 2014 09:42