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New York International Auto Show Debuts Plane That’s Street Legal

VIDEO: New car that can fly gives images of the Jetsons

What's The 411's Andrew Rosario checked out the New York International Auto Show, one of those signature events in New York City that signals that spring is finally here. The Show offers virtually every make and model vehicle sold in the U.S. under one roof, giving consumers the unique opportunity to see everything the auto industry has to offer.

What's The 411's video gives a glimpse of the autos featured including Mercedes Benz, BMW (motorcycles and hybrid vehicles), Chevrolet Camry, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Bentley, an Infinti race car, Ford, Acura, Honda motorcycles, and Jeep, just to name a few.

What's The 411 also gives you an up close and personal view of Terrafugia's Transition, a car that flies or an airplane that drives on the road. Does the Jetsons come to mind? The Transition is one of the most innovative automobiles to date. Cliff Allen, Terrafugia's Vice President of Sales gives the backstory on the Transition.

In this video, Andrew Rosario also spoke with Christopher Sams, the public relations executive for the New York Auto Show, about the joys and challenges of creating and promoting a great show.

Started in 1900 as North America's first automotive exhibition, the New York International Automobile Show has grown to be the place where new and innovative automotive ideas get displayed on a national and world stage.

Combined with New York City's energy, and the fact that metro New York is one of the nation's largest markets for new car and truck sales, the New York International Automobile Show is now one of the most important automotive events in the world.

According to the show's organizers, no other event brings the business, consumer and lifestyle press, Wall Street's financial community, the marketing and advertisers of Madison Avenue, and the nation's largest and most diverse metropolitan population together in such a unique way.