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Shoe Designer Pamela Quinzi Shows Off Her Kilame Collection During NY Fashion Week

Watch VIDEO: Shoe Designer Pamela Quinzi

Ruth J. Morrison, CEO and Founder, What's The 411 Networks, caught up with shoe designer Pamela Quinzi at a New York Fashion Week fashion show produced by Sofia Davis' Fashion Avenue News Magazine.

Pamela Quinzi, who started her design career in her native Italy, had her Kilame Collection of shoes in the show.

In the interview, Pamela Quinzi expressed her love for embroidery. One day, while in Milan, she took two shoes and added embroidery, pearls, and Swarovski crystals.

When Pamela Quinzi moved to New York, she started a shoe art project. She customized shoes using her embroidery technique. The additional thing that makes her shoes unique is that no two shoes are the same; the left is different from the right. The difference is hardly noticeable because the design is based on a theme.

The beauty of her shoes has increased demand for shoes in the Kilame Collection.

Shoes from Pamela Quinzi's Kilame Collection can be purchased by private appointment and at a boutique in the Limelight or at her website

Pamela Quinzi is also on Facebook and she is a Facebook marketing maven. There are few small businesses that know how to market on Facebook, as well as, Pamela Quinzi. So, if you friend her on Facebook, you will always know where her shoes will be on display and her posts will add beauty to your Facebook newsfeed.