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Ruth J. Morrison

Ruth J. Morrison

Chris Bosh Gets Great Deal From Miami Heat

Chris Bosh Takes the Money and Stays in Miami.

Chris Bosh, Miami Heat's power forward/center, is a clear beneficiary of LeBron James' departure from the Miami Heat.

With Lebron moving on to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and a reported max offer to Bosh of $96 million over five years from the Houston Rockets, the Miami Heat decided to pony up and offer its next best player, Chris Bosh, a five-year $118 million contract.

What's a player to do with an offer like that? For Chris Bosh, the answer is obvious, he takes the money and stays in South Beach.

Is Chris Bosh worth $118 million?

The What's The 411Sports team of Chris Graham, Gregory Alcala, and Glenn Gilliam weigh in.

VIDEO: Join the conversation about Chris Bosh's New Deal with the Miami Heat

Carmelo Anthony Stays With The New York Knicks

The Melo-Drama is Over

The What's The 411Sports panel Chris Graham, Gregory Alcala and Glenn Gilliam discuss New York Knicks small forward Carmelo Anthony's decision to stay with the New York Knicks.

The 411Sports team thinks it was a good decision for Carmelo to stay with the Knicks. Chris thinks Lance Stephenson would be a good addition to the team to help Carmelo Anthony. However, Greg is not sold on the idea of Lance Stephenson. Greg also thinks it was good the Carmelo Anthony did not sign with the Chicago Bulls. Greg doesn't trust that Chicago management would keep Head Coach Tom Thibodeau for as long as it takes to win an NBA championship or that Derrick Rose will be healthy.

VIDEO: Check out conversation about Carmelo Anthony here


Johnny Manziel is in the Doghouse, Again

Every week, there is always someone behaving badly or NOT, depending on your point of view.

This week, What's The 411Sports reporter Bianca Peart, who was away by the way, put Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel in absentia. She left the rest of the team to debate whether Johnny Manziel belonged in the doghouse.

What's your take on Johnny Manziel?

Check out the video for the Johnny Manziel Debate. #411DogHouse


Masahiro Tanaka Will Not Win 20 Games

Can Masahiro Tanaka Win 20 Games?

In this segment, What's The 411Sports hosts and reporters assess Masahiro Tanaka's abilities.

They tackle the question, can New York Yankees ace pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, win 20 games. Without blinking an eye, reporter Gregory Alcala answered the question with a resounding "NO".

What's Wrong with Japanese Pitchers?

To everyone's astonishment, Greg Alcala goes on to say that he doesn't like Japanese pitchers and gives his reasons based on statistics.

Do you agree with Greg?

Do you think there is still time for Tanaka to win 20 games?

Check out the video to listen in on the conversation about Tanaka here.

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