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New York Life Eugene Mitchell Helping to Build Black Multi-Generational Wealth

Check out the video interview with Eugene Mitchell 

NV Magazine has established its 15-year history as a "new vision" of business publication for urban professionals around the country. Whether scaling the ladder within corporate America or creating a successful venture from scratch, NV has chosen to not only acknowledge, but honor, many of these ground-breakers with its annual Movers & Shakers Awards.

As the Presenting Sponsor for the event, New York Life's Corporate Vice President and Manager, African American Market, we posed to Eugene Mitchell, what an exciting night...

"Absolutely, it's always wonderful to be here to be inspired by the entrepreneurs, the folks making a difference here in New York City, the business owners, the entertainers, and what a beautiful event and beautiful venue," Eugene enthusiastically responded.

NY Life has a serious mission and goal to improve black wealth in the community, how many years has New York Life been working with NV and what's it look like for the future?

"We've been working about 7 or 8 years with NV Magazine trying to support the mission that they have, similar to ours, to change the financial future of black America and what we can do through our tools and products is to help build multi-generational wealth, so that's what we're looking to do," Eugene replied.