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3-D Nail Art A Passing Fad or Here to Stay?

3-D Nail Art Bubble Design 3-D Nail Art Bubble Design

3-D Nail Art Takes Nail Artistry to Another Level

A new 3-D nail art has taken social media by storm for its bubbly form. If you're obsessed with shaking snow globes then you're in for a treat.  

Yes, the nail bed is in fact layered with extra acrylic powder or gel then shaped into a round bubble. The 3-D nail art shapes the nail to resemble mini igloos.

If that wasn't enough, an even more funky fashion has spread through the web recently.

Nail technicians refer to them as "aquarium nails" or "water nails". The intricate 3-D nail art designs bring nail art to a whole new, constructive level. The process involves the nail technician inserting glitter, sequins, and water into clear nail tips sealed with a mixture of the powdered polymer & liquid monomer, according to Surprisingly, the aquarium nails I've seen look cute unlike the bubble nails.

3-D-Nail-Art Aquarium-Design Fashion-mouse-com Aquarium designed 3-D Nail Art Design. Photo Credit:

The bubble nails just have to go. Bubble nails look like a deformed growth from the nail bed and remind me of knob fingertips.

3-D-Nail-Art Bubble-Design Meme I-dont-get-it Examples of 3-D Nail Art Bubble Design

I could try the water nails. However, the water nails are perhaps not the best option because it would be a distraction by wearers who constantly move the glitter pieces around like a snow globe. And, I can already picture myself waving my hands every chance I get.

The water globe nails originated from South America, which is known for unique acrylic nail designs. I thought that acrylic flowers and butterflies applied to my nails were special and groundbreaking. Apparently, aquarium nails have brought the term "wacky nails" to a whole new level.

As for the price, a set of nails will draw your wallet back about $500 a year from $40 worth of upkeep per month.

3-D Nail Art Aquarium Design Wearers Beware

The water suspended, nail embellishments are fun and daring. It should be looked upon as a treat and worn for a short period of time. Since bacteria and fungus grow in water and the aquarium nails contain the H2O, I would be careful not to wear a set of nails for too long. Wearing a set of water nails for a short period of time could prevent certain nail diseases developing.

Since, a good number of people will not get the "memo" and others will probably ignore it, I see this type of nail art being a short-term fad, as people get sick, the regulators will not be too far behind.

So to the responsible people, have fun!